25 Best Restaurants in Shoreditch, London 2023

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Shoreditch in London is by far one of the most beloved areas, with Michelin-starred restaurants across many streets. The region was once known as the culinary side of London, but some say it has fallen off in the last few years. Maybe this is due to the rise of many hipster cliches in the region, but some attribute it to its over-popularity.

Shoreditch remains London’s coolest location for hipsters and those looking for a unique culinary experience, regardless of which stance you take. It is filled with lots of street art and has some of the best joints to grab some grub.

Whether you are looking for sumptuous small plates or a huge burger or pile of cake, the foodie hotspot got you covered. Our list takes you through the best restaurants in Shoreditch to help you learn what unique offerings each diner has to offer.

Best Shoreditch Restaurants

The Clove Club

The Clove Club
Photo: @thecloveclub
  • Address: Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St, London, Greater London
  • Telephone Number: 207-729-6496

This relaxed fine dining place is located in the historic rooms of Shoreditch Town Hall. Chef Isaac Mchale is the executive chef in charge of the modern and elegant dishes the Clove Club serves. The menu is accompanied by an extensive wine list that showcases the most exciting of wine lists in London.

The Clove Club Food
Photo: @thecloveclub

The Clove Club is a two Michelin star restaurant and has been part of the world’s 50 Best Restaurant List since 2016. Sunday Times refers to it as the No: 1 restaurant in the UK, and the Clove Club is also London Restaurant Festival Amex Restaurant of the Year.

The tasting menu is served each day for dinner and lunch. It includes irresistible items like the raw Orkney scallop with hazelnut, clementine, and truffle. There is also the Aylesbury duck breast with rare citrus and endive.

Visit The Clove Club to dine on a $145 menu with a $145 wine pairing on their tasting menu.

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club
Photo: @bikeshedmotoco
  • Address: 384 Old St London, EC1V 9LT
  • Telephone Number: 020 7729 8114

Bikers Shed offers its 10,000 square foot space to different people from different walks of life. The space is inviting people of all kinds to share their passion for two-wheels; it does not matter if it is a motorcycle or not.

The venue is filled with several burger options, from the $12,75 Biker Shed beef burger to a similarly priced Cajun chicken breast burger. There is also the $12.25 Beyond Meat Vegan Burger and the $11.95 Portobello mushroom & goat cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and served with vegan mayo or Bike Shed’s signature burger sauce.

Banh Mi Keu Deli

Banh Mi Keu Deli
Photo: @keudelilondon
  • Address: 332 Old St, Shoreditch, Greater London
  • Telephone Number: 207-739-1164

Banh Mi Keu Deli is a Banh mi dish speciality place that is located at the heart of Shoreditch. You won’t find any better place than serving the delicious dish. Kéu also offers a great selection of Vietnamese baguettes, noodles, rice bowls, as well as steamed buns.

This location is ideal as a grab-and-go lunch place or dinner joint. The street food is authentic Vietnamese dishes that are filled with vivid flavours and crisp tastes. Make sure to taste the fan-favourite crispy pork belly and crispy tofu.

Rochelle Canteen

Rochelle Canteen
Photo: @rochellecanteen
  • Address: East Shoreditch 16 Playground Gardens, London E2 7FA
  • Telephone Number: 207 729 5677

Rochelle Canteen is located on the old bike shed in the Rochelle School. It is a serene location filled with the scent of sumptuous fig trees in the garden nearby. Indoor and outdoor dining provide ample space for diners who want to enjoy privacy or the views outside.

The menu changes from time to time with the addition of fresh and high-quality dishes. Regular items include the grilled purple sprouting broccoli with ricotta & Hazelnuts. Other options include the grilled Mackerel with roast beetroot and Horseradish.

Burro e Salvia

Burro e Salvia
Photo: @burroesalvialdn
  • Address: 52 Redchurch St, London, Greater London
  • Telephone Number: 207-739-4429

The menu at Burro e Salvia changes every month, but a few of its signature dishes like the agnolotti Cavour remain. Agnolotti Cavour features ravioli filled with beef, pork, and spinach bathed in sage butter. The restaurant offers a dining place at the back, but most customers of Burro come for takeaway that is purchased by weight.

Rarely will you find non-Italian staples on their menu since the restaurant specializes in offering Italian classics? You won’t miss their pasta options like the Tajarin, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, and signature pastas like the Ricotta Tortelloni and Agnolotti Cavour.


Photo: @bratrestaurant
  • Address: 4 Redchurch St, London E1 6JL.

Located on the first floor of the Redchurch, BRAT specializes in grill cooking. Their high-quality ingredients are sourced worldwide from regions like Wales, Cornwall, English southwest, and other parts of the United Kingdom.

The grill methods used at BRAT are reminiscent of the methods used in the North of Spain, which differentiates it from other major grill places in the UK. BRAT is a Michelin star restaurant known for its signature dishes from the grill like the lobsters and whole turbot prepared on an iron cage over smoking wood.

Blacklock Shoreditch

Blacklock Shoreditch
Photo: @blacklockchops
  • Address: 30 Rivington St, London EC2! 3DZ
  • Telephone Number: 020 7739 2148

The quality of the meat of Gordon Ker’s Shoreditch establishment is exceptionally high. The steak is beefy, pretty unimpeachable, and highly juicy. The shattering chips and great gravy add to the taste and flavour of the whole meat presentation at Blacklock.

Sunday roasts at Blacklock are Londoners’ favourite pass time as friends and family get the opportunity to have a great feast while catching up on the ups and downs of the week. The whole joints are roasted over open coals and English oak as is intended by the traditional ways. A shareable platter comes with a mix of beef, lamb, and pork roasts with several trimmings.


Photo: @bigmamma.uk
  • Address: 54-56 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3QR

The hearty Italian plates and OTT style are what make Gloria so attractive to most visitors. It is a very popular restaurant in Shoreditch, and you will rarely miss a flock of hipsters and restaurateur wannabes at this location. It is worth a sample.

Gloria brings a great combination between elegance and a sophisticated dining experience. Their fan favourites include the homemade pizza, the authentic Italian dessert that will leave you wanting more, and the hollowed-out parmesan wheel.

There is a delivery option from Gloria. You can get to order and have your food delivered if you stay at Shoreditch, Kentish Town, Wandsworth, or Wood Green. Keep in mind that the delivery is only available through partnered companies like UberEATS and Deliveroo.

Hache Shoreditch

Hache Shoreditch
Photo: @winniefoodiemoments
  • Address: 147 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3QE
  • Telephone Number: 020 7739 8396

Haché Burger in Shoreditch is located along the Curtain Road and brings its customers burgers with artisan brioche buns and ciabatta. Some offerings are paired with crafted cocktails for those lunch, dinner, and brunch needs.

Hache has a partnership with City Pantry to help deliver their tantalizing burger offerings to those at the office or at home. You can order their snacks and shareable like the chargrilled halloumi that comes with mojo Verde and charred guindilla chili peppers.

The all-day brunch menu consists of exciting options like the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and Hache full English with scrambled, fried, or poached Clarence Court eggs.

Cocotte Hoxton Shoreditch

Cocotte Hoxton Shoreditch
Photo: @cocotte_rotisserie
  • Address: 8 Hoxton Square N1 6NU
  • Telephone Number: 0207 033 4277

Cocotte in Shoreditch is open for the weekend brunch from 10 am to 4 pm. Brunch offerings include the beloved avocado toast that comes with Sourdough toast, with classic guacamole topped with toasted seeds.

There is an option to add an egg, a piece of crispy bacon, or get the gluten-free option. Other brunch offerings include the cocotte waffles, the Parfait with roasted veggies, and one with truffled mushrooms.

Its location is great as it is in the highly populated Hoxton Square, where lots of mouthwatering food seekers flock. The interiors are pretty and warm with the social setting and warm lighting. It screams of home with its cosy interior and friendly staff.

Ninety-One Living Room

Ninety-One Living Room
Photo: @91livingroom
  • Address: 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL
  • Telephone Number: 020 7770 6107

This international acclaimed jazz club brings Shoreditch residents a living room-style dining experience. This concept is that they utilize a communal space to meet and work during afternoons, dine in the evening, and relax while listening to some smooth jazz during the night.

Ninety-One Living Room philosophy states, “Life should be high in quality, ease and style. Shape-shifting daily from freelancer cafe to late-night music venue, we aim to execute every detail seamlessly, marrying high-quality food and mixology with good-looking interiors, an excellent music program and super-friendly staff.”

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Sagardi Basque Country Chefs

Sagardi Basque Country Chefs
Photo: @sagardiuk
  • Address: 95 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3QE
  • Telephone Number: 020 3802 0478

The Basque steakhouse in Shoreditch brings its beloved peasant-style cooking with signature dishes like the txuletón. The meal is grilled over oak till it’s charred by the smoke on its outside while remaining juicy and pink in the middle.

Sagardi is the perfect place to have brunch if you love Spanish steak specialities. There is a selection of artisan Basque cheese like the dark chocolate truffles with a hint of Sagardoz apple liqueur. There is also the Torrija with bread, milk, sugar, and cinnamon biscuit with sheep milk ice cream.


Photo: @lyleslondon
  • Address: 56 Shoreditch High St, London, Greater London
  • Telephone Number: 203 011 5911

With an everyday changing menu, Lyle’s in London offers several exciting seafood options and other fine-dining staples like the seasonal English vegetables. Named as one of London’s best modern restaurants, you cannot expect anything less of excellence from this Michelin-starred restaurant.

Some of the items on the lunch menu include the Maldon Rock oyster & sorrel, whelk & Savagnin mayonnaise, turbot, sea beet & whey butter, black pudding, beetroot & woodruff, asparagus with egg yolk and honey vinegar, as well as chocolate & hazelnut millefeuille.

The Astronomer

The Astronomer
Photo: @theastronomere1
  • Address: 125-129 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7Jf
  • Telephone Number: 020 7929 6818

The Astronomer is the place to dine if you are looking for handcrafted pies with ale and a range of spirits and cocktails. The stellar spot in Spitalfields has a basement bar called the Hubble room, where you can have a range of crafted cocktails and an assortment of wine collections.

The venue is beautifully decorated with portraits of famous astronomers and various ancient drawings of the night skies from celebrities like Galileo. There is also a telescope in the vicinity and artistic renditions of ancient clocks, solar systems, and depictions of the night sky. Quite breathtaking.

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Daffodil Mulligan

Daffodil Mulligan
Photo: @daffodilmulligan
  • Address: 70-74 City Rd, Old Street, London EC1Y 2BJ
  • Telephone Number: 020 404 3000

Daffodil Mulligan is a bar and restaurant that serves as a dining, drinking and live music spot. Its ambience and surrounding embody the heart and soul of the tranquil Londoners. Its motto is “I am hale and hearty, life if the party! – Bar & Restaurant based in Shoreditch.”

There is a pub on the premises called Gibney’s, which is the longest-running family-owned pub in Ireland. It is considered the beating heart of Malahide and is considered the epitome of hospitality and great drinks like their own brand of stour.

Dirty Bones Shoreditch

Dirty Bones Shoreditch
Photo: @dirtyboneslondon
  • Address: 1 Club Row London E1 6JX
  • Telephone Number: 020 3019 9063

Dirty Bones in East London is located in the heritage building on Club Row. The historic-steeped restaurant also acts as a cocktail bar that is full of character and inviting with its historic décor and marble columns that are reminiscent of ancient cities’ architecture.

Dirty Bones serves as a great pre-dinner warm-up spot, or a late-night drinking den where you get to share your day with other tired workers from Shoreditch. The menu specializes in comfort food and cocktails. The brunch menu on the weekend consists of bottomless boozy brunch with options like the pink grapefruit mimosa, a dirty Mary, and the Hip Monkey.

Gigi’s Hoxton

Gigi’s Hoxton
Photo: @gigis_hoxton
  • Address: 11 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU
  • Telephone Number: 020 7613 1988

Gigi’s has a ground-floor dining area that can accommodate up to 100 guests and 300 diners if they are standing. The 170 by 1830 square foot space houses the restaurant’s main focal point, which is the stunning long bar that is topped with smooth green Wasabi stone and lit with neon signs.

There are bespoke murals on the opposite wall that embody strong feminine themes. You won’t miss the hand-painted portraits from artist Kate Philipson and illustrations by Leopards Lunch. Gigi’s has a simple but elegant brunch menu with items like the country breakfast skillet with country potatoes topped with sausage, onions, peppers, country fried eggs, and cheese.

Apothecary Shoreditch

Apothecary Shoreditch
Photo: @apothecaryeast
  • Address: 36 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3PG

This cool cavernous space features carved screens with dark wood finishes and curved tables. The Japanese-inspired décor blends well with the Japanese-inspired small plates. There are numerous options, from Japanese staples to tender pork belly skewers.

Weekend brunch at Apothecary is filled with funk and soul music. The brunch begins with complimentary snacks and drinks upon arrival, which is a plus. There is sushi on the table menu with Yasai and Chirashi lucky rolls as well as spicy salmon rolls.

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Photo: @angler_restaurant
  • Address: South Place Hotel, 3 South Place, London, EC2M 2AF
  • Website: Angler
  • Telephone Number: 020 3215 1260

Angler is a Michelin starred restaurant that is a top South Place Hotel in Moorgate. The best seasonal produce can be found here alongside great seafood options from the British waters. There is the tasting menu with items like the sea bass tartare, hand-picked Devon crab, native lobster ravioli, and the roast wild turbot.

Food at Angler is ultra-modern and crafted with impeccable skill and craft to give a sophisticated dining experience. Visit Angler to dine on the terrace with its beautiful views of the town and its nearby favourite spots.

Burger & Beyond

Burger & Beyond
Photo: @burgerandbeyond
  • Address: 147 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE

Burger & Beyond is Essex-born and London-based, and it provides the residents of Shoreditch with a perfect patty. The restaurant uses freshly ground dry-aged beef to make its fine cuts of meat for their burgers.

There are also American-style sides and meals like the Dirty Tots and fried with bone marrow gravy, and signature sauces like the Burnt Butter Mayo. You can also get a great assortment of drinks at this location, from cocktails to wine and craft beers.


Photo: @crispin_e1
  • Address: Pavilion on The Corner, White’s Row, E1 7nF London.
  • Website: Crispin

Crispin serves as an all day and all-night café in Spitalfields, London. It also acts as a wine bar as well as a restaurant that brings seasonal plates, intervention wines, and speciality coffee to the residents of East London.

The restaurant can accommodate 40 guests on the inside and 30 guests on the outside terrace. It is located on White’s Row on the junction with Crispin Street. Walk into this contemporary diner to feast on items like bacon sarnies and coconut-milk porridge.

Goddard & Gibbs

Goddard & Gibbs
Photo: @londonfoodbabes
  • Address: 100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6HU
  • Telephone Number: 020 7613 9802

Goddard & Gibbs is a bar and restaurant that is located on Shoreditch High Street next to the hotel One Hundred Shoreditch. You can get to the restaurant using the tube by going to Old Street Station Northern Line, Liverpool Street Station using the Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.

The raw bar menu for lunch and dinner with citrus cured chalk stream trout comes with cucumber and Yuzu. The Sea bream ceviche is also with red onion, avocado, coriander, soy dressing, and Scotch Bonnet.

Bibo Shoreditch

Bibo Shoreditch
Photo: @bibo_shoreditch
  • Address: 45 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3PT
  • Telephone Number: 020 3988 4455

Bibo is run by Chef Dani Garcia, who is an Andalusian chef with international critical acclaim and recognition. The artisan of flavour brings his favoured ingredients and modern techniques to make some of the best international cuisines at Bibo.

Dani Garcia’s favourites at Bibo include the Oxtail Brioche with thin mushroom slices, DG sauce, and rocket. There is also the Jamon Croquetas with creamy and crunchy ham croquettes with tomato powder.

Casa do Frango

Casa do Frango
Photo: @casadofrango_london
  • Address: 2 King John Ct, London EC2A 3EZ
  • Telephone Number: 020 7654 3020

Casa do Frango is the place to be to get that Portuguese type of dining experience. The unpretentious dining culture that is brought to you by Casa does Frango is inspired by the summer’s eve eating in Frango Piri-Piri.

The restaurant is tailored for dining with friends and family with foods that are made using the secrets of the legendary grill-masters of the Algarve. Age-old recipes are used to create authentic Algarvian flavours and dining experiences.

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Photo: @smokestakuk
  • Address: 35 Sclater St, London, Greater London
  • Telephone Number: 020 3873 1733

Smokestak features an industrial and charred look on its walls as well as countertops. The menu is graced with British meats, vegetables, and fish. You won’t miss brisket buns, tender brisket, thick-cut pork ribs, or crispy pork cheek at this location.

The Southern-style barbecue used at Smokestak is complimented by the strong British style interior and serving styles. There is an option to eat out on the outdoor patio or the indoor area that is decorated using modern layouts and grungy themes.

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Final Thoughts

As you can tell, Shoreditch is not short of critically acclaimed and fan-favourite restaurants like Gloria, Lyle’s, The Clove Club, and Smokestak. Everything is for everyone, from cafes and brunch destinations to steakhouses and seafood restaurants.

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