Things to do in Kensington

18 Best Things to do in Kensington, London

Kensington is a typical central London district that’s known for its wide range of usually upmarket shops – indeed, Kensington Highstreet is among the best streets for shopping in the whole city. But there’s so much more about Kensington than just retail locations since it’s also home to several major attractions that rank among the … Read more

London Skyline’s Top Iconic Buildings & Skyscrapers

15 London Skyline’s Iconic Buildings & Skyscrapers

London’s skyline is densely packed with many buildings, landmarks, and skyscrapers that offer the city a loathsome view. The structures have played as backgrounds to many iconic movies for years. An example is the Tower Bridge, depicted in recent blockbusters like Spiderman: Far from Home & Hellboy. London is home to the 310-meter tall skyscraper, … Read more

safest london boroughs

Top 12 Safest Boroughs in London (2022 Updated)

Are you planning to move to the big smoke for the first time? Or perhaps the capital is already your home, but you’re hoping to explore a new area? If this is the case, the safety of the different London boroughs will be of paramount importance. Many people have differing opinions over London’s best and … Read more

Best Hotels in London With A View

20 Best Hotels in London With A View

London is home to the most extravagant boutique hotels the United Kingdom has ever seen. These range from romantic rooftop destinations to Royal suites and penthouses that transport you to dream-like paradises. This article will take you through the best hotels to visit in London to have unobstructed and panoramic views of central London landmarks. … Read more

vegan bakery london

10 Best Vegan Bakeries in London 2022

In such as massive and diverse city as London, the food options are unlimited, and foodies can experience one of the most unique treats in the world – Vegan bakeries in London. Of course, while vegan cakes were, as the name suggests, created for vegans, they are so delicious that everyone can pass by to … Read more