Top 6 Best Women’s Only Gyms in London

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It’s no secret that working out can be hugely intimidating. From those just starting their fitness journey to those with decades of experience, gyms can be daunting. But London is providing the antidote to those fears in the form of some incredible women-only workout spaces.

The days of women’s gym housing a couple of treadmills and a pair of 2kg dumbbells are over. Gyms have finally realised that women are looking for a well-rounded workout. So, whether it’s weightlifting, Pilates or HIIT that you’re searching for, here are the six best women-only gyms in London.

The Best Women’s Gyms in London

Beattitude Fitness

Beatittude Fitness
Photo: @beattitudefit
  • Address: 669 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield. London. SW17 0PB

Beattitude describes itself as London’s first female-only fitness club. Founded over six years ago, Beattitude is on a mission to provide women with inspiring, innovative fitness options in an uplifting atmosphere.

There is a vast range of classes here, all between thirty and sixty minutes in length. These range from intense, sweaty endurance classes to relaxing Hatha yoga. Beattitude also offers 1:1 personal training sessions at reasonable prices.

Interestingly, Beattitude are specialists in Post-Natal fitness and even have a creche on site so new mums can ensure their little one is safe whilst they enjoy a workout. For new mums hoping to kickstart their postpartum journey, Beattitude offers a comprehensive six-week course to build strength, fitness and functionality.

Beattitude has a range of different membership options. Their most affordable option is £35 per month, giving you access to four monthly classes. Beattitude’s unlimited class pass will set you back £135 per month.


Photo: @strongherwomen
  • Address: 19a Cudworth St, Bethnal Green, London E1 5QU

StrongHer is an inclusive, safe space for women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels to enjoy a fantastic workout. As the name suggests, StrongHer is all about making women as strong as possible without the intimidation of a traditional mixed gym.

There is a range of membership options, with something to suit every woman. For those happy to train independently, they have a simple gym-only option. Alternatively, try out their incredible classes or small-group training if you want to reap the rewards of a community environment.

Finally, opt for one of their personal training programmes if you’re hoping to take your workouts to the next level.


Photo: @fitologyhub
  • Address: Unit 43, Brockley Cross Business Centre, 96 Endwell Rd, London SE4 2PD

Nestled in southeast London, Fitology has been providing an incredible service to the women of the capital since 2016. Fitology has six core values: respect, empathy, acceptance, care, trust and growth.

Fitology provides a tailored intimate service. You can choose from 4:1 or 1:1 training. 1:1 personal training is perfect for those who feel they would benefit from an individual approach, with a trainer who can create a dedicated program and hold their hand every step of the way. Alternatively, their small group sessions are ideal for those who thrive in an intimate, friendly hub.

Fitology also offers incredible sports massages, ideal for supporting your workout regime. These are at a very reasonable £60 per hour, reducing in cost if you buy in bulk.

Safari Kickboxing

Safari Kickboxing
Photo: @safari_mma
  • Address: Various across London

Safari Kickboxing is a unique workout space for women to get fit and learn a new skill. Although they do offer memberships for men, the women’s membership is £40 per month and entitles you to unlimited access to their incredible female-only classes.

Safari’s tagline is ‘a black belt is just a white belt who never gave up’, which highlights the ethos of this fantastic workout space. They are all about encouragement and progression, creating an environment that women want to be involved in and return to every week.

The Muy Thai for beginners class is a fantastic way to build strength and endurance and meet new friends in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Bridge

The Bridge
Photo: @the_bridge_london
  • Address: 73-81 Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 0NQ

The Bridge is perhaps the best-known female-only workout space in London. The Bridge is much more than a gym; it instead describes itself as a health and well-being spot in the heart of Southwark.

Alongside a well-equipped gym, there are a range of exciting classes. These are excellent for women who want to increase their fitness but are bored of the same old classes. Instead, The Bridge has interesting offerings such as sunrise circuits and ariel yoga.

Remarkably, the Bridge is also a charity with two core impact goals: to promote and support healthy living and to promote and support mental well-being. They have various projects across the capital to aid this, including women’s health talks, creative workshops and outdoor walks.

There is a range of membership options at The Bridge, which are highly affordable considering the calibre of facilities. For example, the premier membership starts from just £26.90 per month.

Lift Studio LDN

Lift Studio LDN
Photo: @liftstudioldn
  • Address: Clapham Arts Centre Unit 2b, 26-32 Voltaire Rd, London SW4 6DH

Lift Studio LDN was founded by Danni and Mimi, who have created a fabulous women-focused workout space in the heart of south London. They separate themselves from a crowded market by cutting out the complications of working out. Instead, the focus is on the core lifts to help women functionally build strength.

The ethos at Lift Studio LDN is all about what women can gain rather than what they can lose. They promise a science-based approach, a diet-culture-free environment, and a community of like-minded women.

You should be aware that Lift Studio LDN provides a premium service. As so, they are more expensive than many other options, with the rolling contract costing £80 per week.

Gym With Dedicated Women-Only Sections

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable women’s only workout situation, consider a mixed gym with a dedicated women’s space. Often the female section is accessible via the female changing rooms, meaning you don’t have to step foot in the main space in your gym gear if you’re uncomfortable.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym
Photo: @puregymlondonshoreditch

Pure Gym is one of the best-known budget gyms. With over 300 gyms in the UK and 60 in London alone, you will surely find a convenient location.

Many Pure Gym locations have well-equipped female-only sections packed with state-of-the-art cardio machines and plenty of free weights. Incredibly, most pure gyms are open 24 hours per day, meaning you can squeeze a workout in at whatever time is suitable.

Pure Gym is also known for its excellent class timetables, offering a variety of cardio and strength training sessions seven days per week. However, you should be aware that these are almost always mixed rather than female only.

Better Gyms

Better Gyms
Photo: @better_uk

Better Health is another popular chain gym across the UK. They have many facilities including excellent gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, athletics tracks and so much more.

For those looking for a women’s only workout space, Better Health has women-only gyms in many leisure centres. They also have a selection of female-only workout classes at some venues.

Better Gyms have a range of membership options and offer ‘pay-and-play’ sessions for all activities. Meaning you don’t have to tie yourself into any lengthy contracts to make use of the facilities.

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What Is the Most Affordable Women’s Only Gym?

The most affordable women’s gyms and chains with women-only spaces. For example, Pure Gym has memberships starting from £26.99 per month, which offers 24/7 access to their facilities.

What Is the Best Way to Access a Range of Women’s Gyms?

The best way to access a range of female-only spaces is to take advantage of day passes and ‘pay as you play’ options. These will allow you to get a taste of what the gyms offer before signing a contract.

You may also wish to explore Classpass, which will enable you to utilise a considerable range of gyms and workout classes for one monthly fee.

What Are the Benefits of Women’s Only Gyms?

There are many benefits to working out in a female-only space. First, it can be less intimidating, especially for those new to the exercise world. Additionally, many women prefer to be in same-sex environments for personal, religious or cultural reasons.

Moreover, female-only spaces are great for having fun and making friends! When women are more relaxed, they are more likely to approach each other and cultivate an empowering environment.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, there are plenty of amazing women-only workout spaces across London. So whether you’re using a female-only space to build your confidence or want to convert to a feminine space, London has the option for you.

If lifting heavy weights is your primary goal, StrongHer at Bethnal Green is the gym for you. However, if you’re searching for a more boutique experience, Lift Studio LDN is likely to be more your scene. Whereas, for those looking to dip their toe into the world of women’s only workouts, try out Better Health female-only spaces.

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