Top 9 Best Dog Cafes in London 2023

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If you want to spend some time sipping a coffee while petting a dog – or even if you just want somewhere to go to spend time with your furry best friend – there is no shortage of places to head to in London. And here’s our roundup of the best of the bunch.

What Are Pet Cafés?

The Best Dog Cafés in London
Photo: @KingsDogDaycare&Café

A pet café is a type of coffee shop where you can enjoy a drink or something to eat while surrounded by friendly animals that you are allowed to play with or pet.

The original pet café was a cat café that opened in 1998 in Taiwan, but the idea really took off when a Japanese visitor took the idea home and opened one in Osaka.

The popularity of that establishment led to Japan becoming the country with the highest number of cat cafés in the world, but nowadays, they exist in many other countries too – along with other quirky animal cafés like hedgehog cafés or even sheep cafés.

A dog petting café is similar except the cats are replaced by resident dogs – and due to dogs’ more playful and energetic personalities, the vibe is usually quite different too.

Unfortunately, the kind of dog café where you can pet the resident dogs is still quite rare in London. However, London also has a selection of dog-friendly cafés that provide both dog and human menus as well as other dog-related services such as grooming and doggie daycare.

As a result, we have included both petting cafés and dog-friendly cafés in our list so everyone should be able to find the kind of place they’re looking for, whether they have a canine companion of their own or just want to chill in a café with the resident pooches.

9 Best Dog Cafes in London

Verve London Pet Boutique & Café

Verve London Pet Boutique & Café
Photo: @vervelondon
  • Address: 179 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2SB
  • Website:

Established in 1984 and describing itself as the world’s first pet boutique, café-bar, grooming parlour and pet hotel in the world, Verve is the place to take your dog – or cat – for some luxurious pampering, all while you enjoy a coffee or something stronger as you wait.

As well as pet grooming and training services, the on-site shop sells a range of pet toys, organic pet food and a range of luxury collars – including some that incorporate Swarovski crystals.

The café section also offers you the chance to meet and pet some of the resident animals, making this one of London’s must-visit destinations for all animal lovers – even if you don’t bring a furry friend of your own.

King’s Dog Daycare & Café

King's Dog Daycare & Café
Photo: @kingsdogdaycare

King’s Dog Daycare & Café originally opened as a place to leave your canine buddy during the day while you were at work, but since then they have expanded to include a full range of grooming services – as well as offering a chance to spend time with the resident doggies.

The café itself is super-cute and provides a welcome haven for dog lovers in London to escape from the busy pace of life in the capital – and what’s more, their coffee is fantastic too!

Mr and Mrs Small

Mr and Mrs Small
Photo: @mr_and_mrs_small

Mr and Mrs Small doesn’t have any resident pooches, so it’s not a petting café. However, it’s a dog-friendly café where you can go for a drink and something to eat with your four-legged friend while enjoying the company of other like-minded pet owners.

Furthermore, they offer a full range of dog-related services, including grooming and daycare, in a playful environment that your doggo will love – the in-house ethos is all about paying careful attention to the safety, well-being and happiness of the pets entrusted to them.

They also have a small on-site boutique that sells a range of dog-related accessories, so this is a place to check out for all your pet’s needs.

Pawsitive Café

Pawsitive Café
Photo: @pawsitivecafe

The mission of this café – as the name hints – is to create a calm and inspiring space for dogs and their humans that will benefit the mental health of both.

To this end, they have created a community atmosphere where you can relax in the company of other pet owners and their four-legged companions while enjoying food and drinks from the unique menu that includes options for both humans and dogs.

Human-friendly items to choose from include delicious burgers and more unusual options like Malaysian nasi lemak.

The dog menu offers indulgent treats such as chicken pot pie or beef meatballs and courgette, the kind of dishes we’re sure some owners will be tempted to share! And be sure not to miss the “pupcakes” for dessert.

This dog café doesn’t have dogs of its own for you to pet, but if you turn up with your own beloved pooch, you can take part in a range of therapeutic activities that will leave both dog and owner feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Love My Human Townhouse

Love My Human Townhouse

If you want nothing but the very best for your canine pal, Love My Human Townhouse is somewhere you’ll want to check out – and after a visit there, your dog will certainly love you even more than before!

The operation here started as a regular upmarket pet boutique luxury groomer, but from there it grew into something that is so much more.

At their new site, they have a dog-friendly café and restaurant where you can take your pet for a meal you’ll both heartily enjoy.

On the human menu, look out for such irresistible treats as smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel or open sandwiches on sourdough bread – while your animal sidekick can enjoy a beef wellington or a beef bone marrow broth.

These dog-friendly dishes were created by a professional dog nutritionist, but they’re prepared using only human-grade ingredients, so you can rest assured your pet is tucking into a top-quality meal.

Along with the café and restaurant, you’ll also find grooming services, training, dog wellness and even dog therapy.

However, note that this is not a petting café, so it’s very much a case of BYO dog.


Photo: @delphi.doodlepug
  • Address: 5, Ability Plaza, Arbutus St, London E8 4DT
  • Website:

If you love dogs – and especially pugs – this is the dog café for you. It’s a petting café, so you don’t need to bring a dog of your own – simply turn up and enjoy the company of the team of adorable pugs who love to welcome human visitors and play with them while they’re there.

The café is designed with the pugs’ welfare in mind, so there are plenty of games to keep them occupied – they especially love the ball pit, but just like all dogs, they adore a belly rub too.

The special low seating is designed so you can sit comfortably at their level, so you won’t get a sore back reaching down to pet them.

At the same time, there are also quiet areas for the pugs to go to when they’ve had enough of playing, so they never get tired or stressed from receiving too much attention.

Finally, the menu is another draw. Some of the items are pug-themed – like the “Pug Passion” smoothie – and you can also buy dog treats to give to your new furry friends.

Booking ahead is highly advisable since there’s a limit of eight people per half-hour slot. They will try to accommodate walk-ins where possible – but if you don’t reserve your place, you risk being disappointed.

Snuffle Dog Cafe & Wine Bar

Snuffle Dog Cafe & Wine Bar
Photo: @snuffle_dogcafe

If you’re looking for dog daycare and you’re also partial to a glass of wine or two, this is a place where you can find both.

The café itself is dog-friendly, so you can just pop in for a coffee or a pastry whenever you want. However, they also offer dog daycare services downstairs in the doggy club, including a wash area, grooming and more.

In the evening, the café morphs into a wine bar, and the food there is both delicious and very reasonably priced.

In short, a great place to check out, whether it’s just for a drink or because you want to leave your dog in the hands of someone you can trust. Your dog will love it, and you’ll both end up wanting to return again and again.

Barkney Wick

Barkney Wick
Photo: @afterbarkbar

A dog daycare centre, training centre, café and cocktail bar all rolled into one – and one that doesn’t shy away from a pun or two, as you can see from the name – Barkney Wick is another place that more than deserves its spot on our list.

The café section is open from Monday to Saturday and serves a 100% plant-based menu – for both humans and their four-legged friends. Expect to find gourmet coffees, delectable cakes and snacks and plenty of treats for your dog too.

Sustainability is also a priority in this café, so they ensure that waste is kept to a minimum and that everything they use is fully biodegradable.

In terms of services, they offer dog daycare – including half-day and full-day packages along with dog walking. Furthermore, they also provide dog grooming and training services, so they have just about everything a dog owner could need all in one place.

Again, this is not a petting café, but if you have a dog of your own, it’s another café that should be high on your list of places to check out.

Paws For Coffee

Paws For Coffee
Photo: @pawsforcoffeeuk

Quite a way out from central London, but if you live in the Hampton area – or find yourself visiting – this is a dog café that should be of interest.

It’s a dog-friendly café rather than a petting café, but if you want somewhere to enjoy a meal with your pet, you’ll find yourself well catered for.

They have a range of tasty breakfast and lunch options aimed at humans – but there’s also a special dog menu too.

At the same venue, you’ll also find grooming and daycare services as well as a shop selling all kinds of useful dog accessories.

All of which makes Paws For Coffee a hidden gem that’s well worth searching out for a visit.

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Plenty of Options to Choose From

As you can see, for dog petting cafés or dog-friendly establishments where you can spend some time together with your pet, London has you covered – and with this guide, now you’ll know where to head!

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