7 Best Crystal and Spiritual Shops in London 2023

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For multiple reasons, London is one of the best places to look into spirituality and your inner self. And the reason for this is because you will find the best crystal shops in London you’ve ever seen.

Whether you’re looking for crystals to help with your spiritual journey or simply want to find some beautiful crystals to add to your collection, these stores will have something for you.

Best Crystal and Spiritual Shops in London

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

In this article, we’ll list some of our favourites and tell you everything each one has to offer.

Best Crystal and Spiritual Shops in London

There are so many different places to find crystals and spiritual items in London it can take a lot of work to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 7 best shops in town, each with its own unique selection of crystals, gemstones and more. Let’s jump right into it.


Photo: @venusroxlondon
  • Type: Luxurious Crystal Store
  • Address: 25 All Saints Rd, London W11 1HE
  • Known For: Luxurious Stones

The crystals and jewellery at Venusrox are unlike anything you’ll find in other standard spiritual shops in London. They have some of the most sophisticated crystal and natural stones, all carefully selected by owners who travel in the UK and beyond for their finds.

This is simply the most luxurious crystal store in London, and they offer something special without compromising on quality or design inspiration.

On top of that, the convenient location makes it the perfect spot to visit anytime – after a morning shift, on Saturday, or in the morning after breakfast.

From Chrysocolla from Namibia to Moldavite from the Czech Republic, Venusrox is the perfect place for you to find rare, exclusive gems in London. Plus, the shop itself is a beautiful and inviting space with striking artwork and displays.

Charlie’s Rock Shop

Charlie's Rock Shop
Photo: @charliesrockshop
  • Type: Precious Gems Store
  • Address: Unit 1-3, The 1929 Shop, 18 Watermill Wy, London SW19 2RD
  • Known For: The Largest Collection of Crystals in London

Charlie’s Rockshop has been around for over 25 years, and it is known as one of London’s largest crystal stores. They offer a vast collection that ranges from crystals to jewellery- all at reasonable prices.

Their expertise doesn’t stop here – the staff can also help with general guidance on what would suit you best, depending on your astrological sign and spiritual beliefs.

This family-run shop in South West London is a fantastic option for those willing to purchase crystals or minerals at affordable prices. They have a wide selection and are also able to source specific stones upon request.

Urban Buddha

Urban Buddha
Photo: @urban_buddha_shop
  • Type: Buddhist Crystal Shop
  • Address: 755 Fulham Rd., London SW6 5UU

When hunting for rare Buddhist gems, Urban Buddha has got you covered, with a wide selection of crystals and gemstones, as well as a variety of jewellery and home decor items.

Urban Buddha is a spiritual sanctuary where you can feel at home as soon as your feet hit the floor. With no phones allowed inside, it’s hard to escape this beautiful energy and amazing collection of crystals that await discovery.

Among other one-of-a-kind crystals and Buddha representations, you will find Pink Opal, 7-stone Chakras, and even Purple Madagascar Amethyst.

The owners are extremely knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect item for your needs. They also offer tips on crystal healing, so you can learn how to use these powerful stones to improve your health and wellbeing.

In short, for a stunning crystal shop in London that offers stunning stones, candles, malas, and even essential oils, Urban Buddha is your new home.

Wilde Ones

Wilde Ones
Photo: @wildeoneslondon
  • Type: Native American Products Store
  • Address: 283 King’s Rd, London SW3 5EW
  • Known For: Native American Crystals and Home Decor

When it comes to shopping for crystals, London has no shortage of options. However, if you’re looking for authentic Native American artefacts and jewellery, Wilde Ones is your safest bet.

Nestled in the midst of Chelsea on King’s Road, Wilde Ones was opened in 1987, allowing them to quickly gain a reputation in the capital among amateur and experienced collectors.

Wilde ones trade items directly with Zuni, Yaquima, and Navajo artists. Our suppliers bring us the finest gems from around the world, which they then carefully choose to ensure that they are as premium as possible.

What to say, Wilde Ones have some of the best rare gems you’ll find in London, and it’s purely the store where every collector should head to.

Spiritual Wellbeing by Wise Man Products Ltd

Spiritual Wellbeing by Wise Man Products Ltd
Photo: @spiritualwellbeingbywmp
  • Type: Spiritual Stones Shop
  • Address: 224 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DA
  • Known For: The Spiritual Stones and Incense

Next on our list is Spiritual Wellbeing, a stunning spiritual gift shop specialising in handmade candles, crystals, and incense. They’ve got an amazing selection of small stones to choose from as well!

You can also find 7 chakra presents that will help you get your life back on track or clear out any negative energies around yourself with their powerful products for sale.

You will quickly fall in love with this place as they offer great deals without sacrificing quality, so there really isn’t anything here worth turning down.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey, they welcome you to come and experience new feelings you’ve never experienced before. Are you ready to feed your shopping cravings?


Photo: @mysterieslondon
  • Type: Metaphysical Supply Store With Spiritual Services
  • Address: 34 Short’s Gardens, London WC2H 9PX
  • Known For: Psychic Readings

Out of the best crystal shops in London, Mysteries is the one that will leave you in awe the most. This chic boutique specialises in high-quality crystals and gemstones, making it the perfect place to find a special gift or piece for your home.

In addition to a wide selection of crystals, Mysteries also offers jewellery, books, and other items related to the world of gemstones and crystals.

But that’s not all – This very special store offers psychic readings and other spiritual services, which were proudly promoted on Cosmopolitan and the Independent.

In short, Mysteries is sure to have something to catch your eye. So why not pay a visit today and see for yourself? You might just find yourself falling in love with the world of crystals and predicting a bright future.

The Hare and The Moon

The Hare and The Moon
Photo: @the.hare.and.the.moon.limited
  • Type: Crystal Store and Healing Centre
  • Address: 23 Church St, Twickenham TW1 3NJ
  • Known For: The Meditation Space

The Hare and The Moon is the last crystal shop on our list, but it’s definitely not the list, and we could expand this section infinitely if we wanted to.

First of all, it’s a haven for all things sparkly and beautiful, and they pride itself on stocking only the finest crystals and gemstones. From Tourmalated Quartz to beautiful incense to spiritual Rose Quartz Rough Stone, you’re in for a treat.

Secondly, they host Crystal and Chakra Healing workshops in their Spiritual Healing Room, the perfect way to find yourself and make new friends with a similar passion.

And last but not least, they offer Tarot & Spirit readings for you to know what is going to come your way in the future.

While it may not offer the same range of spiritual items as other crystal stores in London, The Hare and The Moon is certainly a venue to experience once in a lifetime.

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If you find yourself in need of some retail therapy or just want to browse pretty rare gems, then these are the best crystal and spiritual shops London has to offer. Precious stones have been used for centuries as a form of healing and protection, so even if you’re a sceptic, it can’t hurt to give them a try.

Venusrox has got you covered for luxurious goods, while Urban Buddha offers everything related to Buddhism and more, and Wilde Ones have everything that touches Native Americans and their culture.

Have you visited any of these stores before? What did you make of them? Let us know, and share your experience with us.

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