M&M’S World Store London Guide: All You Need to Know

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Did you know that the M&M’S World Store in London is the largest candy store in the world? At 35,000 square feet, the London M&M store is the biggest candy store you will ever see, with lots of chocolates and a must-have assortment of merchandise.

Dubbed the M&M’s World, the store in London is another rainbow-coloured venue of the popular franchise. With a vast space covering four floors, you can expect to run into lots of merchandise advertisements and marketing in the building.

m&m world london

Keep in mind that there are limited selections, albeit each in plenty. The M&M store in London is open every day of the week and offers more than 100 different types of M&Ms.

It is best to remember that M&M stores are updated with new items and décor now and then. We do our best to keep the content up to date, but we have included links and contacts for you to check on the current status and development at the store.

M&M Shop Overview

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M&M Shops are a product of the M&M chocolate candy company. The M&Ms are button-shaped candies filled with various flavours and branded with the letter ‘m’ printed on one side. The candies come in multiple colours, which makes them a favourite among kids.

These shops and stores contain the brand’s merchandise, from clothing to bags, figurines, bedding, glassware, shirts, and more. All of these items are branded with the same lower-case letter ‘m’.

The first M&M’s World was established in 1997 at Showcase Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. Various locations popped up afterwards in the US, and they later took the franchise international with venues in Shanghai and London.

Other M&M store locations are in:

  • New York – 1600 Broadway New York, NY 10019, open all week from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Las Vegas – 3785 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 891019 in Showcase Mall. It is open all week from 10 am to 11 pm.
  • Shanghai – G Floor Shimao Festival City, No. 829, Nanjing East Road, Shanghai. It is open Monday to Sunday between 10 am and 10 pm.
  • Orlando – 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail, #1132, Orlando, Florida 32809 in Florida Mall. This M & M location is currently closed till further notice.

M&M’S World Store London: Location

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Store Information:

  • Address: Swiss Court,1 Leicester Square, London W1D 6AP
  • Phone: 207 205 7171
  • Hours: 10 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and Sunday between 12 pm and 6 pm

As the biggest candy shop in the world, M & M in London also houses an enormous chocolate wall with more than 100 chocolate selections from the M&M brand.

M&M’S World Store London is made up of four floors filled with colour and vibrance. On a busy hour, you will often see children and crowds going up and down as the excitement of the scene takes over the kids. Do not miss the photo opportunities as the experience is memorable, especially for the children.

The whole building has glass walls from the ground floor to the top floor with a clear view of the action outside on the street. You will encounter lots of M&M store London art in the building. One of them is the vast framed UK flag art piece at the entrance made with the brand’s chocolate candies.

Once you enter through the main door, you are greeted with a colourful scene featuring various colours on the walls, stands, and merchandise. M&M candy life-size figurines, the M&M Beatles, are placed all over the store with the letter ‘m’ printed on them.

M&M’S World Store London 1
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The ground floor is mostly reception with several merchandise sections where you can get hoodies, t-shirts, pillows, cups, and so much more. The blue-coloured stairs take you to the first floor, where a telephone booth for taking photos is next to another life-size M&M blue Beatle. You can get to see all the action downstairs from this first floor.

The print-your-own-face candies are on the downstairs floor from the main floor (ground floor). This is where you will find all sorts of candy that melt in your mouth, not your hands. It is coloured in greens and yellows with more M & M merchandise like branded bottles, children’s clothes, and costumes.

A stand section with a TV screen in front of it lets you discover your favourite colour. Ahead of the stand is more merchandise and a soccer ball section where you can buy the balls or throw them into the goal net, where a huge candy figurine acts as the goalkeeper.

The first basement floor also features M&M souvenir penny machines, nicknamed the Souvenir Medallions. All you need to do to play on the device is to put M&M pennies at the indicated slots, and the machine will proceed to do its magic to give you your souvenir. If you are wondering, one M&M souvenir penny is the same as £1.

Proceeding from this section will take you to a wall filled with mugs branded with common people’s names. The fun is to look for a mug or store merchandise on the wall with your name. Next to the “Find Your Name” section is a full-sized toy car resembling a sporty race car.

There is another floor beneath the first basement floor with other branded M&M merchandise. This floor has game attires from pointing fingers to mascot-inspired clothes and costumes. It is also where you can take pictures on walls labelled with incentivizing statements like “Don’t be Square, Share!”.

M&M Shop London: Entry Fees, Items, More Things to Do

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It is free to enter the M&M Shop in London, and there are no minimums on what you can spend.

An M&M Beatles prop display is one of the fun displays to visit when you enter the store; they are on the right side of the entrance. Another display is the London Bus staged in the store featuring several M&M logos and brand advertisements.

Another activity to do is to make your own chocolate candy. M & M provides an interactive ‘print your own face on candy’ deal where you print your face onto M & M chocolate candies. This will cost you at least £19.99, depending on the size of the candy and the flavours.

Fill your bag with over 100 different types and colours of M&Ms to make a fun bag with your family; be as colourful as possible; the choices are many. However, remember that chocolate candies are priced based on their weight. All your collection is filled into a cup that generally costs £7.99. You can fill as many cups as you want.

If you want to save a buck, try the M&M supermarket, where you can mix different ingredients to make your flavour. The M&M Factory in the store has a Mix Lab Ordering Station with a screen where you can create your custom candy formula and submit the order to the mixologists behind the scene to make your perfect concoction.

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Photo: @cjcastro70

For those planning to buy the merchandise, their catalogue includes bags, plates, mugs, cookware, kitchenware, clothing, jewellery, toys, t-shirts, trousers, hats, chocolate dispensers, figurines, golf balls, soccer balls, glassware, and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is M&M World London?

For a complete experience, you can expect to spend more than £8 on any of their items, including buying the merchandise or building your candy with your face printed (more than £19.99).

When Did M&M World London Open?

M&M London opened on 13th June 2011, long after the Orlando, New York, and Las Vegas stores had opened.

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