15 Best Korean Restaurants in London (2023 Updated)

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K-culture has slowly become mainstream in the UK, especially in London, home to over 20,000 Koreans. With the growth of Korean restaurants, curious foodies from around the world wander around the metropolis searching for the best one.

Though you will find most Korean restaurants in New Malden, Surrey, there are many great places to stop for kimchi or bibimbap while in town.

Best Korean Restaurants, London

Here are the best Korean restaurants In London to curb your appetite for a hearty Korean dish any time of the day.

Best Korean Restaurants London


Photo: @kobalondon
  • Location: 11 Rathbone St, London W1T 1NA
  • Known for: Korean BBQ

Koba is a Korean barbeque restaurant in trendy Fitzrovia, serving Korean specialities since 2005. The place is known for its quality food, from traditional to modern dishes, focusing on Korean dining culture based on table cooking. Prices are not bad either (well, for London). You can expect to pay around £10-£20 for the main meal here.

The owner Linda Lee ensures each guest has the best experience, whether with the food, the service, the ambience or the interior. Simple decor, swift service, great location and mouth-watering recipes make Koba the best Korean restaurant Central London offers.


Photo: @yori_london_
  • Location: 15 Catherine St, WC2B 5JZ
  • Known for: Korean hotpots

YORI is one of London’s most popular Korean restaurants, founded by Jong Soon Kim, who is making a name for himself in London’s growing K-culture. He has also launched cafes and nail salons all across London. There are six YORI restaurants in London, all easily reachable and equally great in what they do.

The latest outpost is in Covent Garden, between West End’s theatreland, making it ideal for a pre or post-theatre gathering with friends or family. Korean BBQ and hotpots are exclusive to YORI Korean Restaurant, Covent Garden.

From the classic beef bulgogi and pork belly to more adventurous dishes cooked in front of your eyes, YORI never disappoints its loyal customers. So don’t be surprised if you see Korean celebrities like actors Jung WooSung, Ha Jung-woo and K-pop star Hyukoh. They know where to find the best Korean food London can offer.

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Bibimbap Soho

Bibimbap Soho
Photo: @bibimbapsoho
  • Location: 11 Greek Street, W1D 4DJ
  • Known for: Bibimbap

In the heart of Soho, you will find BiBimBap, one of the best Korean restaurants in London for Korean comfort food. There is nothing like a generous plate of traditional Korean bibimbap to cheer you up on a gloomy day. Then, when you top it all off with a pint of Korean beer and K-pop music in the background, you can say you’ve been to Seoul.

This is, without a doubt, a Korean restaurant Soho is bound to keep for years to come.

Olle Korean Barbeque

Olle Korean Barbeque
Photo: @ollebbq
  • Location: 88 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6NG
  • Known for: Table BBQ

Some people like to eat in style or eat and go, and some like their food with a side of entertainment. This is what you get at Olle Korean BBQ restaurant in the heart of London and just a minute’s walk from Chinatown. The fast-casual dining is loud and bustling, so if you are looking for fancy eating, this is not the place.

At Olle’s, you get to pick your food which servers prepare right in front of your eyes. From bulgogi, barbecue, and other Korean cuisine staples, all cooked to perfection. Round out your meal with kimchi or seafood pancakes and call it a day. Expect to pay a little over £11 for a bowl of stew (steamed rice included) and a little less than £17 for ribeye for your table BBQ.

For some reviewers, the Olle Korean Barbeque is the best Korean Restaurant London offers.

Arirang Korean Barbeque

Arirang Korean Barbeque
Photo: @ariranglondon
  • Location: 31-32 Poland St, London W1F 8QT
  • Known for: table BBQ and classic dishes

Arirang Korean Barbeque is not new to Londoners. It is the oldest Korean restaurant in London and one of the best Korean restaurants in the UK. Located on Poland Street, Oxford Circus, Arirang’s story dates back to 1975, when they first started with Korean BBQ on the table, which many swear it’s the closest to Korean BBQ in Seoul.

The family-run restaurant offers an authentic Korean atmosphere, featuring bamboo walls and plants. The venue has two floors and plenty of spaces for walk-ins. Expect to pay £10 for beef bulgogi and £1.50 for side dishes.

Kimchee Restaurant & Bar

Kimchee Restaurant & Bar
Photo: @kimcheegram
  • Location: 2 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG
  • Known for: a modern take on classic Korean dishes

Classic Korean dishes with a modern twist is what you get at Kimchee, a contemporary Korean restaurant just a stone’s throw from King’s Cross and St. Pancras Stations in Pancras Square. A stylish interior yet very Korean-like attracts locals and tourists looking to eat in style in this fine Korean restaurant.

Featuring two floors: the ground floor with a terrace and a downstairs dining room for table BBQ, Kimchee offers a unique dining experience fit for all Korean food lovers. Start your meal with traditional Korean pancakes or fish cakes, then try something from the BBQ section. Round it all out with a Soju Red cocktail or a glass of wine, whichever suits you best. Expect to pay around £25 for the starter and main course.


Photo: @imonekoreanrestaurant
  • Location: 169 High St, New Malden KT3 4BH
  • Known for: Saengsun Jjim

Imone is the best New Malden Korean restaurant known for its fish-based dishes. A casual eatery with a take-out option (like many in London) that serves some of the best Korean comfort food in town.

Lunch is served daily from 12 am to 5 pm for as low as £11 for a stew set. If you are feeling famished, you can opt for the Saengsun Jjim Set made with Saeungsun Jjim (steamed fish in spicy sauce), Pa Jeon (spring onion pancake), mild tofu soup and rice for 2. That will cost you £34.

Lime Orange

Lime Orange
Photo: @foodguidelondon_
  • Location: 312 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster, SW1V 1AA
  • Known for: authentic Korean food

Located in Victoria, Lime Orange is a warm, family-run restaurant serving generous portions at great prices, despite its central location. From appetizers like fish cakes and kimchi pancakes to authentic bibimbap, BBQ grill, rice mountain and Katsu udon, Lime Orange never disappoints with its rich menu and flavour-packed Korean staples.

When you top that off with Soju cocktails or Asian beer, you can say you are set for the day. The variety of dishes and relaxed atmosphere make this fabulous eatery ideal for couples, friends, and families. You can expect to pay about £30 for a starter, main and wine. Not bad for central London.

Dotori Korean and Japanese Sushi

Dotori Korean and Japanese Sushi
Photo: @dotori_london
  • Location: 3 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, N4 2DQ
  • Known for: Asian-fusion dishes

When out and about Finsbury Park, check out this lovely restaurant for some mouth-watering Asian-fusion dishes. Dotori offers rich Korean and Japanese menus, with kimchi, pad thai and yukgejang being the more popular.

Not overpriced given the excellent service and quality of food. Though popular with office workers looking for tasty and affordable lunch, everyone is welcome to Dotori. Don’t miss out on their seafood pancakes and fired wings, and most certainly don’t skip their cocktails or sake if you prefer a more authentic drink.

Jin Go Gae

Jin Go Gae
Photo: @jingogaeuk
  • Location: 272 Burlington Road, New Malden KT3 4NL
  • Known for: hearty soups

Another New Malden Korean Restaurant that is sure to satisfy your Korean food cravings. If you are crazy for barbeque (charcoal grills), Jin Go Gae is the place to go. The authentic Korean restaurant in New Malden has kept their love for BBQ a family tradition since they moved from Korea.

The father, Mr Cho, is a professional Korean Chef. He keeps the recipes a secret but passes down the traditional cooking method to his children to keep the tradition alive.

Kick off your meal with Kan-Poon-gi, a highly recommended dish with deep-fried chicken with chilli in sweet & sour sauce and continue savouring on Deungsim (tender sirloin thick cut drizzled with sesame oil). Wash it down with hot or cold Korean sake or Mae-whaju (pink plum wine) for the ultimate Korean dining experience. Some guests find the restaurant pricey. A main meal will cost you around £21, the same as a bottle of wine.


Photo: @basic_foodies
  • Location: 23 Romilly St, London W1D 5AG
  • Known for: Army stew (Korean hot pots)

Assa is a Korean restaurant Soho offers visitors looking for fantastic hot pots. An authentic restaurant offering a laid-back atmosphere, and flavour-packed and colourful dishes. Coming to Assa, don’t expect to count the calories, the hearty hot pots are well worth it.

Don’t let the poor interior and exterior design put you off. The place gets jam-packed, and rightly so. Their portions are large and well priced, considering it’s just within 3 minute walk from Chinatown.

Park’s Kitchen

Park's Kitchen
Photo: @mesq.eats
  • Location: 24 The Green, London W5 5DA
  • Known for: bibimbap dishes

Though relatively new, Park’s Kitchen has quickly built a reputation for themselves, thanks to their modern take on authentic Korean dishes and excellent service. Located near Ealing Broadway tube station, the place might not look appealing at first sight, but once you step a foot inside, you’ll quickly change your mind.

The humble restaurant is perfect for friends, and family get-togethers, as the prices are reasonable and the portions big enough. From their signature bibimbap dishes and deep-fried tofu bowls to chicken katsu curries and udon noodle soups, all dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection.

It is easy to let your hair down in this cute casual restaurant while listening to some of the best K-pop songs.

The Petite Coree

The Petite Coree
Photo: @thepetitecoree
  • Location: 98 W End Ln, London NW6 2LU
  • Known for: Korean tapas & Korean BBQ

In West Hampstead, Petite Coree is a Korean restaurant serving some of the best traditional Korean BBQs in town. Known as Korean tapas, the place also offers a variety of plate sizes, making it ideal for family gatherings. You can even bring your own bottle of wine for a modest £ 10 corkage fee.

Besides the delicious authentic dishes, the unbeatable prices attract more diners by the day. Another thing that sets The Petite Coree from other Korean restaurants is the extensive traditional drinks menu, ranging from Shinshu may (plum wine) to makgeolli (rice wine).


Photo: @kingkeneatss
  • Location: 8-12 Coombe Rd, New Malden KT3 4QE
  • Known for: buffet-style all-you-can-eat diner

K-Town is a family-run New Malden Korean restaurant with an offer you don’t really see in many Korean restaurants in London. At this buffet restaurant, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for 90 minutes at just £25 per person! From beef short ribs and pork belly to seafood and bibimbap. You just have to make sure you are hungry enough.

The New Malden Korean restaurant is in high demand, and diners can wait for more than an hour to get a table. But people go out of their way to try this delicious Korean food in Koreatown, even if it means travelling for a few hours and waiting in line for another.


Photo: @paranhodu
  • Location: 125 Lewisham Way, London SE14 6QJ
  • Known for: authentic Korean dishes with a modern twist

New Cross in south East London is where you will find this tiny Korean restaurant. But what lacks in space, it surely adds in quality and variety. Korean cuisine at its finest, alongside a few other treats like a spicy chicken with mozzarella cheese and pumpkin croquettes, are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The restaurant features minimalistic decor, nothing pretentious, just a casual, low-key diner for everyday breakfast, lunch or dinner. Start with the seafood pancakes or freshly cooked dumplings, then continue munching on tasty pork bibimbap and beef with glass noodles.

Reasonable prices and warm and welcoming staff are an additional bonus.

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Does London Have a Koreatown?

New Malden is a small town located just outside central London, in the borough of Kingston-Upon-Thames and is home to a large Korean population and many Korean restaurants. As a result, it is known as Koreatown in London.

Is Korean Food Healthy?

Korean food is synonymous with healthy. It is considered low-calorie food and involves a lot of vegetables. Cooking is done mainly without oil, and almost every meal involves a hearty bowl of soup.

Is Korean Food Popular in The Uk?

Korean culture has been present in the UK since the 1970s but has slowly become mainstream. Korean restaurants are popping up all across London, from London Bridge to Dalston, mainly New Malden in Surrey, where over 20,000 Koreans reside.

What Are Popular Korean Foods?

The most popular Korean dish is kimchi (a side dish of salted and fermented vegetables), followed by bulgogi (Korean beef barbecue with smoky-sweet flavour) and bibimbap (warm rice topped with veggies, meat and raw egg), to mention a few.

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