7 Best Anime & Manga Shops in London

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Konnichiwa, fellow otakus!

From delectable sushi and slurpy ramen, to big-eyed anime and ingenious manga, London is big on Japanese culture. The affinity is reflected in a huge variety of anime shops in London.

These shops offer a good range of collectables and manga comics for fans. Some of them even host events such as LGBT+ manga season and exhibitions dedicated to their artists.

It’s safe to say that London fully celebrates the Japanese way of life through its anime shops. In fact, the British Museum hosted the biggest manga exhibition to ever take place outside Japan in 2019.

Show up as a novice just setting sail in the ocean of anime or gear up in your favourite character’s costumes, these anime shops in London will measure up to your expectations with gusto.

Best Anime Shops in London

Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet
Photo: @mickybell
  • Location: 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR

When it comes to comics, figurines, collectables and all-things anime, it is our duty to mention Forbidden Planet at the top of our list. This megastore is one of the most popular anime shops in London.

The thing that sets them apart is the immersive experience they offer to their guests. Apart from the best sellers, they also have signed books and comics. Fans pour in from all over town to browse through their anime and manga collection for hours.

They also stock comics, toys, collectables, clothing and accessories, books and games from other fandoms. These include DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Forbidden Plant originals and exclusives.

Moreover, the anime shop also hosts special events where like-minded people can unite over sake and sushi. Keep a look out for your anime and manga specific events and exclusive book signing from your favourite artists.


  • Megastore serving multiple fandoms.
  • Huge collection of anime and manga.
  • Exclusive events hosted throughout the year.

Japan Craft

Japan Craft
Photo: @japan_craft
  • Location: Japan Craft Unit 2, Market Hall Camden Lock Place Chalk Farm Road Camden Town London NW1 8AL UK

Set at least one whole day aside to truly do justice to the marvellous Japan Craft and everything it has to offer. The floor-to-ceiling shelves are solely dedicated to anime and manga, making it one of the most visited anime shops in London.

Besides the enormous collection of manga comics, they have accessories, badges, bags, board games, posters, plushies, stickers, stationery, puzzles, magnets, key chains and much more products to add to your collection.

Another praiseworthy quality of this anime shop is its celebration of Japanese culture. It is probably the only place in London where you will get to munch on some green tea pocky while browsing through a collection of kimono and yukata, magic sakura, daruma, kokeshi dolls and much more.

They stock the finest and most popular items that pay homage to the colourful heritage of Japan. The snacks and candy section is a treat, not only for anime lovers but for Potterheads too. Do check them out and keep your eyes peeled for anime-specific exhibitions.


  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with anime and manga comics.
  • Large variety of Japanese items.
  • Food and beverages with fandom themes.

TokyoToys Anime and Manga Store

TokyoToys Anime and Manga Store 1
Photo: @tokyotoysuk
TokyoToys Anime and Manga Store 2
Photo: @tokyotoysuk
  • Location: 6 Marechal Niel Parade, Main Rd, Sidcup DA14 6QF

With an impressive variety and super happy customers, TokyoToys excel as an anime shop in London. It is one of the award-winning anime and manga specialist store in the UK.

You will find all your favourite anime and manga books in this officially licensed anime merchandise. They also have figures and statues, gaming, kawaii and plush collectable items.

Visitors thoroughly enjoy the setup and layout of the place. Gaming areas are brightened up with neon lights to keep the kids happy for hours, and they also host special events.


  • Amazing variety of anime products.
  • Gaming area with a psychedelic setup.
  • Hosts special events.

Gosh! Comics

Gosh! Comics
Photo: @goshcomics
  • Location: 1 Berwick St, London W1F 0DR

Tucked in the heart of Soho, Gosh offers a treat for old-school comic book lovers. With a classy and minimalistic setup, this anime shop in London is one of a kind.

They boast a modest collection of anime and manga comics, but what really sets them apart is the rare gems you’ll only find here. People browsing for hours in huge comic book stores come here to look up titles they couldn’t find anywhere else.

Another commendable fact about this anime shop is that even though it is small, it still offers variety. You will find the best work from classic anime to current and progressive stuff.

They have signed copies of special edition books as well. You’ll find exclusively signed copies of sketched comic books that are hard to find and indeed a prized possession.


  • Exclusive and special edition items.
  • Signed comic books and classics are available.
  • Nostalgic old-school comic store setup.

Mega City Comics

Mega City Comics
Photo: @megacitycomics
  • Location: 18 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ

A humble store with friendly faces, Mega City Comics gives you a personalized and homey experience as you browse through your favourite titles.

Running strong since the 80s, this anime shop in London’s Camden Town offers a comprehensive range of anime and manga comics.

Besides the common stuff, they also stock limited edition comics here. The staff shares a deep love for anime and are always there to help you with a big smile.

Mega City Comics has hosted various events and signings over the years. Some of the widely known names include Pat Mills, Jamie Hewlett, Alan Moore, Matt Wagner, Gilbert Shelton and Simon Bisley. They also hold the title of ‘King of Camden’ – an award given to them for excellence in local retailing.


  • Cosy comic book store with great customer service.
  • Good variety of anime and manga including limited edition items.
  • Events and signings are regularly hosted.

Japan Centre

Japan Centre
Photo: @jcswindells
  • Location: 35b Panton St, London SW1Y 4EA

One of the most irresistible bits of anime is scenes with food. The amount of munching, slurping and gulping we see is enough to tantalize our taste buds and ignite an insatiable craving for Japanese food.

Luckily, Japan Centre is here to deliver you the best of Japanese snacks and food with a side of manga! This anime shop in London is famous for its Japanese grocery section with anime themed drinks and food.

You can also order personalized packets of ramen or get your hands on some pre-cooked delights. Their kawaii desserts sell like hotcakes, and fellow weebs can’t get enough of the fascinating books, manga and Japanese magazines.

Ask for your favourite anime cocktails and a delectable selection of sushi. We recommend stopping by for a meal at their cafeteria to really soak in all the goodness of Japanese culture and how it is enhanced by anime and manga.


  • Healthy selection of Japanese grocery, cuisine and drinks.
  • Anime themed food items available.
  • Good selection of manga.

Raygun Comics

Raygun Comics
Photo: @raygun_comics
  • Location: 26 Red Lion St, Richmond TW9 1RW

Enjoy the beautiful location and fascinating collection of manga and anime at Raygun. The beloved comic store is located near Richmond Park.

Visitors often enjoy a full day in the area browsing through their hearty collection with a side of sweet treats from Hollyhock café.

Raygun is one of the few anime shops in London where the staff is so well-versed and knowledgeable about the comics they stock. You will definitely be welcomed by friendly faces that are eager to help.

Browse through their selection of comics, posters, artwork and cards to add to your collection. They also have traditional paintings and anime cel-ga (celluloid picture).


  • Good selection of manga at a prime location in London.
  • Posters and artwork available.
  • Excellent customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find anime merchandise in London?

Almost all anime shops and comic bookstores have anime merchandise, including posters and artworks. Check on their websites to see if there’s a pre-booking option available.

Is every item shown on the website available in the London stores too?

Mainly, yes. You can have an exact idea of the items that anime shops in London usually have in stock. However, some items are store-exclusive or web-exclusive only.

Am I allowed to read inside the anime shop?

As with all magazines and bookstores, you are allowed to browse through and read excerpts from the books. You can’t read the whole comic without purchasing it, and most comic bookstores are traditionally styled and don’t have enough space to sit down and read for long either.

How to stay up-to-date on events and cosplay?

The best way to stay on top of things is to keep an eye on the anime shop’s official website, as that’s where most updates are posted.

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There is a fine assortment of anime shops in London with a lot to offer. We have a few hidden gems in the list that aren’t as famous as big chains, but they stock the priceless hidden gems that only a true otaku at heart will value. For a truly mesmeric experience, we recommend visiting a store with Japanese arts and crafts and food items as well.

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