11 Best Bars in Knightsbridge, London 2023

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So you’re in London for a bit, and you want to know the best bars to go to? The upscale area of Knightsbridge is a great area to start in – it’s got everything from chilled-out wine bars to authentic British pubs and more.

The best bars in Knightsbridge are known for their high-quality and exclusive selections of drinks, as well as stunning food for the most part. Whether you’re looking for a place to sip on cocktails or wine, there’s definitely a bar in Knightsbridge that will suit your needs.

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We’ve prepared this guide so you know exactly where to go with friends after a day shopping at Harrods or with colleagues on a Friday night. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the top bars in Knightsbridge you must visit.

Best Bars in Knightsbridge

The Hyde Bar at The Park Tower Knightsbridge

The Hyde Bar at The Park Tower Knightsbridge
Photo: @parktowerknightsbridge
  • Address: 101 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RN
  • Known For: Baked Suffolk Farm Baby Chicken

Starting our list is The Hyde Bar, an upmarket bar that serves delicious cocktails and succulent food. This swanky bar is situated inside the Marriott hotel and has a sophisticated yet warm vibe.

The bar is known for its Gin Jubilee Cocktail, which is perfect for enjoying time with friends, and the Baked Suffolk Farm Baby Chicken served with a variety of spices and tomatoes.

The Hyde Bar also offers a selection of classic and craft cocktails, as well as an impressive cigar terrace, so there’s something to please everyone.

Mandarin Bar

Mandarin Bar
Photo: @mo_hydepark
  • Type: Upscale Bar
  • Address: 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA
  • Known For: Pendennis Club Cocktail

If you’re after something luxurious for an important event, The Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a truly glamorous experience. With its innovative and contemporary designs with a classic twist, it is one of the chicest and most elegant bars in Knightsbridge.

The Mandarin Bar serves up a selection of delectable signature drinks based on the trees at Hyde Park is an exquisite example of refinement.

Sip on a beautiful Champagne Hostomme or traditional Sake while enjoying a stunning meal with fresh seafood or a homemade cake. There’s really no other place in Knightsbridge to match their excellence.

The Blue Bar at The Berkeley

The Blue Bar at The Berkeley
Photo: @the_berkeley
  • Type: Cocktail Bar
  • Address: The Berkeley, Wilton Pl, London SW1X 7RL
  • Known For: Southern Swizzle Cocktail

It’s difficult to determine which Knightsbridge bars and lounges are as great as they claim, with so many various venues promising to offer the finest experience around. But when coming to The Blue Bar, you will certainly not be disappointed.

As you understand by the name, The Blue Bar is decorated completely in blue furnishings and décor, which gives it its own unique character. And despite the efforts put into the interiors, The Blue Bar didn’t sacrifice the drinks and knows how to make innovative and colourful cocktails.

Their signature cocktails include the Fallen Apple, made of Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, Apple, Chardonnay Juice, and Soda. Alternatively, the Nostalgia cocktail is what will lift the night – made with Graham’s White Port, Blueberry, Pineapple, and Helena Empirical Spirit; you can’t go wrong with it.

All in all, The Blue Bar is a stunning and elegant bar in Knightsbridge that you can’t skip when coming over.

Library Bar

Library Bar
Photo: @the_lanesborough
  • Type: Cocktail Bar
  • Address: Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X 7TA
  • Known For: The Selection of Cognacs

The Library Bar is a cosy and inviting bar that has been a local favourite for many years. It’s no wonder why, with its exclusive atmosphere that makes everyone feels like they are part of something special.

The Library Bar is particularly noted for its selection of Cognac, dating back to the 1770s and offering all the best Cognac you could ask for. If you aren’t into it, you can find some superbly prepared cocktails made by their team of professional mixologists.

On top of that, you can also enjoy their live music events that will make the atmosphere more vibrant but just as elegant.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm, different talented singers and pianists will come and add a layer of uniqueness to The Library Bar. Is there anything else you could ask for a top bar in Knightsbridge?

The Fifth Floor Bar – Harvey Nichols

The Fifth Floor Bar – Harvey Nichols
Photo: @amandaslader51
  • Type: Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
  • Address: 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ
  • Known For: Passion Spritz

The Fifth Floor Bar, located in the well-known Harvey Nichols department store, offers an exhilarating and unique experience. With a large variety of cocktails, Champagne, and healthy dishes, it is definitely one of the best bars in Knightsbridge, and it’s easy to see why.

On top of the fantastic drinks, you could stop here for a quick lunch break as the food offered is not only delicious but also affordable. Indulge in a Soft-Shell Crab Burger with Chunky Chips, a Watermelon Salad with Cucumber and Feta Cheese, and don’t forget their signature cocktails.

We highly recommend tasting the Ciroc Double Passion cocktail, made with Ciroc Vodka, Passion Fruit, and Vanilla – the perfect combination of power and deliciousness.

If you’re looking for a place to relax around a delicious cocktail or a healthy meal, The Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols is the place to be.

Zuma – The Sake Bar and Lounge

Zuma - The Sake Bar and Lounge
Photo: @zumalondonofficial
  • Type: Japanese Restaurant and Bar
  • Address: 5 Raphael St, London SW7 1DL
  • Known For: Rubabu Cocktail

The Japanese know how to do things well, and The Sake Bar and Lounge, nestled inside the premium Zuma restaurant, is the perfect representation.

Offering more than 40 different types of Sake, in addition to an extensive menu of unique cocktails, The Sake Bar and Lounge is a great place to sample some delicious drinks with friends or business partners.

The inside is also beautiful, with traditional Japanese features combined with a contemporary and modern edge.

While you’re here, why not try their delicious and traditional food? The Ika No Kari Kari Age, Crispy squid with green chilli lime, will get you in the right mood for the night, and the Gyuhire Sumibiyaki Karami Zuke, Spicy beef tenderloin with red chilli and sweet soy, will give you the feeling of being in Osaka.

No matter what your evening is about, dinner or drinks, The Sake Bar and Lounge is the winner when it comes to authenticity and yumminess.

The Hari Hotel Bar & Terrace

The Hari Hotel Bar & Terrace
Photo: @theharilondon
  • Type: Upscale Bar and Restaurant
  • Address: 20 Chesham Pl, London SW1X 8HQ
  • Known For: The Cloud 9 Cocktail

The Hari is a 5-star hotel in Knightsbridge, and the Hari Hotel Bar & Terrace is a presentation of how perfect it is, from drinks to succulent dishes and outstanding decor.

The Hari Bar is perfect for those who wish to wine and dine while socialising in an intimate and glamorous setting. This makes it the ideal location for hosting business meetings or going out for light lunch.

Among the signature options on the menu, you will find Pinsa Romana, a unique Italian-style pizza, as well as Asian Nibbles made of Katsu Prawns, Dumplings, and Chicken Yakitori.

Let’s not forget the extensive drink carte, with the Belgravia Secret Garden Cocktail highlighting the meal, or #DrinkFrenchFluently made with Grey Goose Vodka and St. Germain elderflower liqueur.

And their specialised mixologists created some of the most intriguing cocktails you’ve seen. Don’t skip the Cloud 9, made with Saint Germain, Champagne, Blue Spirulina Powder, and Cotton Candy.

Last but not least, they have a cigar terrace where you can smoke one of the Cuban cigars they offer. The best ones, Montecristo, Ramon Allones, or Romeo y Julieta, you name it, they have it.

Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar
Photo: @buddha_bar_london
  • Type: Buddha Bar
  • Address: 145 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PA
  • Known For: Rock & Roll Tempura Maki and Strawberry Dragon Cocktail

Buddha Bar is one of the most famous and glamorous bars in London for its high-quality drinks, premium atmosphere, and food that you can only find in a few venues in the world. Raymond Visan originally opened the first Buddha Bar in Paris in 1996; since then, it has become one of the best bars in the world.

That’s not it; Buddha Bar was named Winner of Outstanding Achievement At the London Club & Bar Awards 2017.

Enough compliments; let’s talk about food and drinks. Despite a great selection of delicacies, what will really test your taste buds is the Mohendo Wagyu Skirt Steak with Pistachio & Coriander Pesto combined with Green Tee cocktail, made with Aviation American Gin, fresh cucumber, apple juice, lime, mint & egg white.

Alternatively, you could go on a full-on Asian style and indulge in the Prawn Pad Thai, creatively made with Buddha-bar secret recipe.

Finally, Buddha Bar is also known for its club vibe, with house music and great cocktails, so despite being one of the top bars in Knightsbridge, it isn’t the spot to have professional meetings.

The Wilton Arms

The Wilton Arms
Photo: @thewiltonarmssw1
  • Type: Gastropub
  • Address: 71 Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8ED
  • Known For: The Selection of Wines

For some, it’s a mistake to introduce a pub in a list of best bars in Knightsbridge, but this is because they haven’t been to The Wilton Arms.

The Wilton Arms is a gastropub that will satisfy everyone, even the pickiest eaters, as they offer great food, fantastic drinks, and all this in a warm, premium setting.

Naturally, other than beverages, we couldn’t skip the menu inspired by all different parts of the world. Start the perfect meal with the Scotch Cacklebean Egg served with Picadilli Sauce and follow with the Sicilian Caponata served with Courgette Flowers.

And when coming on a Sunday, make sure to give a try to their premium Sunday Roast, a classic that will surely make your stomach happy.

All this is accompanied by a vast selection of wine, from classic Bordeaux to the Marlborough straight from New Zealand, and many more.


Photo: @gloucesterpubknightsbridge
  • Type: Authentic Pub
  • Address: 187 Sloane St, London SW1X 9QR
  • Known For: The Salt & Pepper Squid and the Local Beers

For a more laid-back setting, Gloucester will make you the happiest you’ve been in a while. Officially licensed in 1835, it is a traditional British pub that has nothing to envy to the luxurious venues around.

Great beer, lots of great drinks available, and delicious food that will leave you craving more.

The Salt & Pepper Squid with Korean sauce, the Flat Iron Steak with triple-cooked chips, and the Sticky Toffee Pudding are all waiting for you, together with red and white wine, as well as local beers.

The Capital Bar

The Capital Bar
Photo: @thecapitalhotel
  • Type: Cocktail Bar
  • Address: 22-24 Basil St, London SW3 1AT
  • Known For: The After Cocktail

The Capital Bar is a sophisticated location located inside the magnificent Capital Hotel on Knightsbridge’s posh Basil Street. The Capital Bar offers mouth-watering drinks and is both cosy and elegant, exactly what you need on a night out in London.

Other than the classics, they offer Signature Cocktails as well as Champagne Cocktails, and we suggest trying the Unfolding Memories, made with Makers Mark, Strawberry jam, and lemon thyme, and The After with Remy Martin VSOP, Gosling Rum, Cointreau, and orange bitters.

And at The Capital Bar, food is not missing either. They serve great dishes and boards to combine with their outstanding cocktails. The Chicken Lollipop, the Salt Cod Bruschetta with Black Garlic, and the Arancini with Mushroom and Mozzarella are all to die for.

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No matter what your preference is, Knightsbridge has a bar that will satisfy your needs. From the luxurious Buddha bar to the premium Mandarin Bar, these are some of the best bars in Knightsbridge, and you don’t want to miss out on trying at least one of them.

If cocktails are more your thing, The Capital Bar should be at the top of your list, with its elegant atmosphere and outstanding drinks. And finally, for those who prefer a pub vibe with great food and local beers, The Wilton Arms is definitely worth checking out.

To conclude this guide, we hope that this list of venues helped you find a great place for a night out and we’re confident you will leave satisfied.

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