The 19 Best Boutique Hotels in London 2023

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London is home to many stylish hotels with loads of personality and character.

Authentic British boutiques like The Gore are popular with their fashionable individually styled rooms, while CitizenM caters to the budget-friendly crowd.

boutique hotels london

If you need a more vintage and historic stay, then the hundred-plus-year-old Goring is the place to be. Check into the Treehouse to have a taste of a naturally inspired, sustainable accommodation fit for Tarzan himself.

Whether in search of a budget boutique hotel in London, a fashionable one, stylishly decorated, or a luxuriously packed boutique hotel, our best picks list got you covered.

19 Best Boutique Hotels in London: Most Stylish, Historic, Affordable and Luxurious

The Goring

The Goring
Photo: @thegoring
  • Address: 15 Beeston Place, London, SW1W 0JW
  • Phone: 020 7396 9000
  • Boutique features: nearest to Buckingham Palace, over a Century old, gorgeous private garden.

Did you know the Goring is the first hotel to have received the Royal Warrant in honour of its hospitality services? That is not the only unique aspect of the hotel. The Goring is also the last known hotel in London that a single family has run for over 100 years.

As a big hotel with a private garden, you may wonder why it is considered a classic boutique hotel.

Well, since it has been in the same family for centuries, the Goring has most of its historic architecture and Century-old features that are unique. The Royal Suites are boutique with 138 square meter spaces and handmade chocolates on the ready.

The suites scream English heritage’s elegance while each room is distinctively designed by famous British designers. Check into the Belgravia suites for a more luxurious stay in silk-lined beds and furniture with historical significance and character.

The Goring Garden is filled with lots of greenery and a well-cared-for lawn area for weddings and other special events.

Artist Residence London

Artist Residence London
Photo: @artistresidence
  • Address: 52 Cambridge Street, London SW1V 4QQ
  • Phone: 020 3019 8610
  • Boutique features: exciting art pieces in each room, a vibrant bar, quirky design.

Artist Residence, as the name suggests, is designed to appeal to the art enthusiast in you. It is one among several locations independently owned and set to provide quirky accommodation with a touch of vintage and creative décor.

The five-story establishment has ten rooms spread across three floors, with a kitchen and vibrant cocktail bar taking the downstairs section. Every room has its own artwork and decorations, making every room unique in its weird way.

A sunny terrace is set at the café & bar area for working on your laptop, reading a book, enjoying the beautiful serene environment or linking up with your friends over a few cocktails.

Treehouse Hotel

Treehouse Hotel
Photo: @staytreehouse
  • Address: 14-15 Langham Place, London W1B 2QS
  • Phone: 020 7580 0111
  • Boutique features: rooftop location, lots of greenery, sustainable solutions, luxurious

Treehouse Hotel is a stylish yet environmentally conscious hotel filled with lots of greenery from the entrance to the lounge area, the balconies, and the bedrooms. Plants are overhung from the wooden ceilings and well illuminated by the ample warm lighting.

The nostalgia brought by the plants and sky-high heights reminds you of the days you spent climbing trees as kids. Albeit luxurious, the interiors draw a contemporary design with wooden floors and furniture that is vintage yet manages to look modern.

Each room has a spectacular view of the London skyline with huge windows that bring lots of sunlight. Birch trunks decorate the bathrooms, where you will find several refillable bathroom products aimed at being environmentally sustainable.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse
Photo: @a_london_story
  • Address: 1 Chiltern Street, London W1U 7PA
  • Phone: 020 7073 7676
  • Boutique features: historical significance, Michelin Star foods, and celebrity status.

Mentioned in William Reed’s Top50Boutique Hotels, Chiltern Firehouse brings a huge piece of Hollywood to London. It features Michelin Star cuisines, making it a hotbed for celebrities from all walks of the entertainment industry.

Constructed from a former fire station site, the Chiltern Firehouse was renovated to create a boutique feel with rustic designs but kept the huge firehouse doors intact. Mirrors in the interiors make the space look bigger, and the fireplaces in each room create a unique feel-at-home experience.

The bar is shaped in the form of a horse show and fills up the quaint, intimate space and a bit old-fashioned.

The American dishes in the restaurants are enough to make it a must-visit, but the rooms have a lot to say too. Try the strongly flavoured South and North American dishes with BBQ and grilled meats.


Photo: @hazlittshotel
  • Address: 6 Frith Street, Soho Square, London W1D 3JA
  • Phone: 020 7434 1771
  • Boutique features: Victorian era décor, luxury, vintage décor

This townhouse hotel in Soho is named after the famous author William Hazlitt. Hazlitt’s has been in business since 1718 and still upholds its old-fashioned sense of hospitability. Everything from the painting to the vases, artwork, and décor shout Victorian era elegance and first-class accommodation.

Every room in Hazlitt’s was named after prominent members of the old age who visited the hotel frequently. For example, the Duke of Monmouth room is named after a late 1600s resident at Soho Square who rebelled against the King.

All rooms and suites are furnished with modern amenities, but most of them are cleverly hidden from the site to give a more authentic vintage feel. Head over to the bedroom’s terrace to bask in the normal London sun or entertain guests in your room with a secluded bedroom.

Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch

Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch
Photo: @thehoxtonhotel
  • Address: 81 Great Eastern Street, Hackney, London EC2A 3HU
  • Phone: 020 7550 1000
  • Boutique features: budget-friendly, small rooms, trendy designs

Named the first most fashionable boutique hotel in East London, the Hoxton Hotel opened in 2006 in Shoreditch and has since become the go-to place for those looking to tour the arts district of London. There are several Hoxton locations in London, including Shepherd’s Bush, Holborn, and Southwark.

Hoxton Grill and Maya are the designated dining zones in this original Hoxton hotel. Feast on the Chicago grill and other American meats in the Grill and head into Maya for a few drinks at the indoor Mexican food-inspired diner.

There are over 210 rooms, all uniquely decorated with functional industrial design accents from the furniture to the bedding, toiletries, and decorations.

The neighbouring sites contribute to Hoxton’s style. Head into the Broadway Market to visit stylish cafes and pubs. Enter the Old Spitalfields Market for some antiques and collectables.

The Mandrake

The Mandrake
Photo: @themandrakehotel
  • Address: 20-21 Newman Street, London W1T 1PG
  • Phone: 020 3146 7770
  • Boutique features: luxurious, bespoke artwork, YOPO

Style is not just in impressive artworks individually curated for each room. Style is also having a unique, critically acclaimed restaurant, YOPO, serving South American cuisines at the heart of London.

The botanical garden outside blends well into the outdoor terrace and patio space with woven seats and wooden floors. Luxury and greenery us the order of the day, while the many art pieces in the interior make for a great Instagram caption.

The fantasy hotel that threads lightly between spiritual and hedonistic leisure is also a Michelin Star hotel. Art fusion occurs during the special events held regularly at the venue, starring several prominent performers and artists.

Head in for Sunday morning yoga at the retreat room filled with hallucinogenic art. Move your body through various postures and release all tension in this heaven of a retreat. If you enjoy meditation, spirituality, and holistic living, then the Mandrake is your go-to boutique hotel in London.

Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell

Zetter Townhouse Clerkenwell
Photo: @zettertownhouse
  • Address: 49-50 Street John’s Square, London, EC1V 4JJ
  • Phone: 020 7324 4444
  • Boutique features: vintage interiors and colourful walls

The signature blue doors of the Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell bring you into a bright and colourful interior with accents of every colour. Each bedroom in the establishment has an antique nature, with vintage furniture and a quirky bed design with four posters or ceiling net fixtures.

Enter Wilhelmina’s Lounge for some sumptuous nightly fun filled with lots of cocktails, wine, and spirits. The Lounge is named after Great Aunt – Whilelmina, or so she is called.

The entire townhouse is uniquely decorated to give the feel of being at home. All the furniture and décor are tired into a unison layout fit for a royal residency.

Henrietta Hotel

Henrietta Hotel
Photo: @henriettahotel
  • Address: 14/15 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8QH
  • Phone: 020 3794 5313
  • Boutique features: colourful rooms, Italian designs

The small Henrietta Hotel is a boutique establishment next to loads of shopping centres and tourist attractions. It brings a piece of Paris to West London with impeccable Italian designs from the critically acclaimed Dorothee Meilichzon.

What sets Henrietta apart from the plethora of boutique hotels in London is the mix and match of playful colours in the 40 bedrooms. Most are drenched in hues of blue and pink.

The Italian Supper Club is the resident restaurant adorned with monochromatic accents and modern décor that aims to be minimalistic yet striking. Head into the private bar and mezzanine for some drinks and chill in the intimate setting.

Number Sixteen

Number Sixteen
Photo: @kitkempdesignthread
  • Address: 16 Sumner Place, London, SW7 3EG
  • Phone: 020 7589 5232
  • Boutique features: luxurious, Victorian-era décor, charming

Located in the neighbourhood of South Kensington, Number Sixteen is close to many art attractions, from galleries to museums. Vintage designs meet modern artwork in the hotel and outdoor area halls.

A tree-filled garden decorates the terrace and outdoor area fit for special occasions like weddings and weekend brunches. Rooms come with high ceilings and take the most advantage of natural lighting fixtures, from the huge windows to light wall colours and airy interiors.

Each room is individually decorated as you would expect, but all come with a modern English-style layout. Writing desks are available in all 41 bedrooms, and many have a great view of the green-filled garden.

The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel
Photo: @thebeaumontldn
  • Address: Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair, London, W1K 6TF
  • Phone: 020 7499 1001
  • Boutique features: luxury, artistic design, a quaint spa

The Beaumont Hotel is an independently owned five-star residency in Mayfair London, a short walk from Bond Street underground. It is a luxurious hotel with plush amenities and artistic décor that signify elegance and class.

Did you know it is forbidden by British Law to have quarrels in the nearby Brown Hart Gardens? That is just one of the quirky things of the hotel, adding to the marvellous 1500-plus original artworks.

The art deco interiors are filled with rare books on the shelves and vintage furniture. The polished walnuts complement muted upholstery. However, the Lego-inspired structure spanning three storeys is the most striking part of the exterior.

Seventy-three rooms come with smoke-mirrored walls, and the decorations are mostly dark and light with hues of grey. Book the superior rooms/suites with huge balconies with a breathtaking view of the Mayfair skyline.

The Gore

The Gore
Photo: @thegorelondon
  • Address: 190 Queen’s Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5EX
  • Phone: 020 7584 6601
  • Boutique features: impressive artwork, décor, rock n roll-themed bar

The amazing and unforgettable artful backdrops are what Gore is all about. Every room and section of the hotel is artistically designed to leave an enchanting impression that takes to a magical world filled with many interesting pieces.

The quintessentially British hotel has been in business for more than a Century since its doors opened in 1892.

It has 50 suites and rooms individually furnished with unique ambience and style. The three meeting rooms are great for meetings, with lots of artwork and paintings decorating the walls and creating the perfect backdrop for a scenic business deal.

Dive into the rock and roll-themed cocktail bar, Bar 190, to taste London’s eclectic, classy nightlife.

The Rookery

The Rookery
Photo: @therookeryhotel
  • Address: 12 Peters Lane, Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6DS
  • Phone: 020 7336 0931
  • Boutique features: Victorian and Georgian era décor

The Rookery is well situated in the creative side of Clerkenwell in the 18th Century old house. It is named the Rookery because of the number of villains and lots of lawless figures who used to frequent these parts.

Each room is named after the lawless figures and filled with Victorian-era artwork, décor, and old-fashioned designs. Antique finishes are the order of the day in the bedrooms, while wood-panelled sections add some more character to the already vintage setting.

Other rooms ooze Georgian era impeccably and charming interiors that take you back 500 years into the past. The beds are four-poster, and open fires bring in the rustic nature of the gloomy yet intimate dark interiors.

As a Michelin Star Hotel, you can expect world-class quick 24-hour service coupled with babysitting help on request and multi-lingual staff ready to cater to all your requests.

Boundary Shoreditch

Boundary Shoreditch

  • Address: 2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD
  • Phone: 020 7729 1051
  • Boutique features: rooftop bar and grill, design aesthetics, marble lobby

Every suite and room in Boundary Shoreditch is full of colour and individually designed by world-class interior designers from the 20th Century. Soft furnishings are the order of the day in all the rooms, all complimented by the meticulously curated set of reissue pieces and original works.

Other rooms are named after the designers, for example, the David Tang suite designed by David with custom fittings, flowery wallpapers, wooden panelling, antique lounge areas, and lots of greens and yellows.

The marble lobby introduces you to an artful venue that will blow the mind of any design lover. The menu is Mediterranean-themed, with lots of options for fish lovers. Try the delicious vegetable starters and take the sweet and richly flavoured desserts and main courses of seared tuna.

100 Queen’s Gate Hotel

100 Queen’s Gate Hotel 1
Photo: @may_you_wish
100 Queen’s Gate Hotel 2
Photo: @tiffany_labelle
  • Address: 100 Queen’s Gate, Kensington, London SW7 5AG
  • Phone: 020 7373 7878
  • Boutique features: stylish décor with artistic impressions and soft furnishings

Located in South Kensington, 100 Queens’s Café brings you closer to the most artfully packed part of London, filled with galleries and museums from the Natural History Museum to the Royal College of Music, the Science Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It is part of Hilton’s hotels located in the former houses of William Alexander, an aristocrat of old age. Rooms are plush and filled with soft furnishings. Old-fashioned décor is primal in the vicinity, while the atrium downstairs draws in lots of guests looking for Instagram-worthy shots.

Walk into the weekend brunch for some fresh Belgian-inspired seafood and other small plates. The all-day brasserie is stylishly designed. Bask at the long bar section underneath overhanging warm lights and an intimate ambience filled with song and dance.

South Place Hotel

South Place Hotel
Photo: @southplacehotel
  • Address: 3 South Place, London, EC2M 2AF
  • Phone: 020 3503 0000
  • Boutique features: luxurious and modern

The five-star Michelin Star South Place hotel aims to please you with all the bells and whistles of a classic luxurious hotel. Unlike most London boutique hotels, South Place aims to embrace new technology and modern designs with a clear focus on cutting-edge design and tech.

Linen and velvet sheets warm up the comfy beds in the industrially designed rooms filled with monochromatic tones and modern tech accessories. Cashmere beddings create an extravagant place to sleep in the king-sized beds.

Marble bathrooms stock all the rooms with Italian designs filled with James Heeley’s freshening products. Speakers deliver the signature Bang & Olufsen sound, and all televisions come with streaming services for all the latest movies.

CitizenM London Shoreditch

CitizenM London Shoreditch
Photo: @citizenm
  • Address: 6 Holywell Lane, London EC2A 3ET
  • Phone: 020 3519 4840
  • Boutique features: Danish design, pod-style rooms, colourful bar

CitizenM Shoreditch is your budget pick for budget boutique hotels in London. It is one of many CitizenM hotels stretched across the UK designed to tailor to the mobile citizens of the world hence its quirky name.

The Netherlands-based company offers Londoners pod-style rooms with small interiors compact enough to fit all essentials in a tightly budgeted hotel.

The venue has a bar section filled with colourful furniture and a painted ceiling with inspirational art.

The Hari

The Hari
Photo: @theharilondon
  • Address: 20 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HQ
  • Phone: 020 7858 0100
  • Boutique features: luxurious, modern, soft furnishings

The Hari has two homes, one in London and the other in an award-winning venue in Hong Kong. The Belgravia destination brings five-star luxury and environmentally-friendly accommodations.

Its goal is to mix a few artificial touches with modern natural characters with exposed brick and overhang greenery.

The garden terrace is a site to see with modern plush loungers and wooden ceilings that bring in lots of natural light for sun basking.

The 85 rooms and suites are designed to ensure you have a cosy stay with soft furniture and contemporary finishes that create a homey feel.

Hotel Café Royal

Hotel Café Royal
Photo: @hotelcaferoyal
  • Address: 1o Air Street, London W1B 4DY
  • Phone: 020 7406 3333
  • Boutique features: historic, luxurious, futuristic

Last but definitely not least, the Hotel Café Royal. Few hotels can claim to be historically tired of London as much as this hotel.

It began as a café & restaurant in 1865 under the ownership of a French wine merchant. By the late 1800s, the Café Royal was already regarded as the best wine cellar in the world.

2008 remodel led to the transformation of the hotel into several historic suites and vintage decorated interiors by David Chipperfield architects. A pastry place was later situated and run by Albert Adria, considered the ‘World’s Best Pastry Chef’ by many fanatics.

Hotel Café Royal not only sticks with traditions but also incorporates modern technology into the suites to create a futuristic and minimalistic design.

Book the Deluxe Suite to sleep in English oak-panelled rooms with an intimate yet contemporary ambience.

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Final Thoughts

If you need more hotels filled with pizazz, then please take a look at our honourable mentions and other recommendations below:

  • Lime Tree Hotel
  • Dukes London
  • The Laslett
  • Belmond Cadogan Hotel
  • Flemings Mayfair
  • Eccleston Square Hotel
  • Dean Street Townhouse
  • 11 Cadogan Gardens
  • Inhabit
  • Great Northern Hotel
  • Blakes Hotel
  • Vintry & Mercer
  • Victory House

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