9 Best Bars in and Near Victoria, London 2023

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Victoria, London is mainly the city transport hub but also features exciting bars where you can have business meetings or celebrations in upscale environments.

From rooftop bars to eclectic dining venues, the bars in Victoria have a lot to offer in terms of food and substantial drink selections.

Bars in and Near Victoria, London

The Bbar is the most unique in Victoria due to its cocktail and wine varieties and South Africa-influenced design. The Market Hall offers a lot more than the regular bar scenes, but the Flight Club is where you want to be if you are looking for the best social scene in the area.

Below are the best nine bars you must visit when partying in Victoria.

Best Bars in Victoria


Photo: @bbarlondon
  • Address: 43 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SM1W 0PP
  • Phone: 020 7958 7000
  • Atmosphere: Airy, lively, warm, and unique
  • Known for: 60 different types of cocktails and convenient location next to major sites

Bbar is the one bar that rules them all in Victoria, London. It was named the “Most Loved Local Bar” in Westminster by Time Out in 2018. This is owed to its many cocktails made by resident expert mixologists and a huge assortment of meals fit for various occasions and scenarios.

It is conveniently located close to Buckingham Palace and on the ground floor of London’s biggest Living Wall at The Rubens Palace Hotel. You won’t miss the huge wall filled with more than 10,000 plants and 16 tons of soil to give a natural feel to the Victoria area.

The convenient location of the Bbar is great for all sorts of activities, from business lunches to catching up with friends over a drink or a relaxed evening drink as you wait to get into the theatres. Bbar is just five minutes away from the Victoria Station, and you will find it a frequent relaxing venue if you stay at Rubens Hotel.

Bbar is a South-African-inspired bar with cuisines from the motherland that come with a modern playful twist. Two bars compliment the food menu with their huge selection of 60 cocktails (like the Mexican Truffle Old Fashioned) and 110 types of wine.

Another special feature of Bbar is the daily Afternoon Tea that costs £30 per person and brings Amarula-infused scones and mini–Bunny Chows to London. There is a pre-theatre two-course meal and gin o’clock sharing platters that include Mediterranean dishes and classic gin & tonics.

Bbar features a private bar that is open for hire in case you plan to host private events. It is a few moments from Victoria Station hence a great venue for parties and major celebrations. Elegant sit-down meals are well tailored for private events with secluded spaces and lots of South-African dishes.

Market Hall Victoria Rooftop Bar

Market Hall Victoria Rooftop Bar
Photo: @markethalls
  • Address: 191 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NE
  • Phone: N/A
  • Atmosphere: Lively with many places to eat and shop in an airy environment
  • Known for: Rooftop bar with amazing views of Victoria an

The Market Hall is a food and drinks market section that features three bars, over seven kitchens & restaurants, plus a cute coffee shop. If you are looking for a rooftop bar in Victoria, London, then the rooftop bar at Market Hall is a great place to start.

The rooftop terrace serves £6 cocktails from Monday to Friday between 3 pm and 5 pm. It is a young crowd’s favourite spot with huge community tables encouraging socializing. Whatever dishes you are looking for, the Market Hall probably has them, from Chinese cuisines to Thai dishes, Indian foods, and classic British delicacies.

Flight Club Darts Victoria

Flight Club Victoria
Photo: @flightclubvictoria
  • Address: 6 Sire Simon, Milton Square, London SW1E 5DJ
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Atmosphere: Social, lively, and crowded
  • Known for: Multi-player games

Flight Club in Victoria opens Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 am to 12 am, Wednesday to Friday from 11:30 am to 1 am, Saturday between 11 am and 1 am, and Sunday from 11: 30 am to 11 pm. The Club is a collective of several locations that make up an entertainment franchise that is global from the UK to the US and Australia.

This is the place to be if you are looking for a fun-filled night with lots of people in a social environment. The Flight Club is based around a multi-player game concept where you can play darts with beginners and experts alike.

Food is mainly pizza, and the bespoke cocktails make for a jovial night. Flight club also has bottomless pizza and prosecco brunches. The Afternoon Fizz is one of the unique offerings available from Monday to Friday between 3 pm and 7 pm, where you can get a bottle of Prosecco for £25 or champagne for £45.

The Leopard Bar

The Leopard Bar
Photo: @rubenshotel
  • Address: 39 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SM1W, 0PS
  • Phone: 020 7834 6600
  • Atmosphere: Sophisticated and upscale ambience
  • Known for: over 200 types of whiskies and 30 varieties of champagnes

The Leopard Bar is located in the same building as the South-African-themed Bbar. Live music is one of its strong suites as a live jazz band usually plays some soulful tunes. The bar does serve foods that mainly entail Japanese cuisines and other Asian dishes alongside classic steaks.

The bar is open for private events and celebrations between 7 pm and 12 pm any day of the week, and reservations can be made through [email protected]. Creative cocktails at the establishment include whisky flavours that are well paired with gourmet snacks and canapés.

The Goring Cocktail Bar

The Goring Cocktail Bar
Photo: @TheGoring
  • Address: 15 Beeston Place, London, SW1W 0JW
  • Phone: 020 7396 9000
  • Atmosphere: Glamorous and luxurious with warm lighting and plush décor
  • Known for: Over a hundred British spirits cocktails

The Goring is a gem in London themed in a grand private country house style fit for classy and elegant dining. It is a great venue to have a taste of what a cocktail bar Victoria experience feels like. There is love music (usually a pianist), and you will often find crowds dancing on the elegant dance floor on Friday nights and the weekend.

Posh bites, including lobster scampi and smoked fish platters, are great accompaniments to the huge selection of cocktails. Try the Queen Victoria Fizz signature fruity cocktail with a hint of the finest vodka London offers.

Riley’s Sports Bar Victoria

Rileys Victoria
Photo: @victoriarileys
  • Address: 16 Semley Place, Victoria, London, SW1W 9QJ
  • Phone: N/A
  • Atmosphere: Sports oriented with a lively and fun-filled ambience
  • Known for: Pool and snooker games

You can already tell that this is where you want to catch up on the latest football games in Victoria. The Riley’s Sports Bar venue was recently refurbished to encompass two floors, and ten American pool tables were added to make it sportier. On top of that, the bar includes eight different English pool tables, and there are snooker tables that make for a fun game night with the boys.

Riley’s Sports Bar offers a Loyalty Scheme membership that grants you points when you play a game, be it pool or snooker. Do not let the ambience of the sports bar fool you; the venue can also be turned into a serene private venue for business events and conferences.


Photo: @VagabondWines
  • Address: 77 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0AJ
  • Phone: 020 7630 7693
  • Atmosphere: Warm lighting with helpful serves
  • Known for: Choose your selection of wine via self-service.

Vagabond is a string of various wine bars located across England, including Victoria, London. In 2022, the Vagabond urban winery near Battersea Power Station was given the platinum medal for Decanter World Wine Awards, the only platinum medal awarded to any UK franchise. One of the company’s best performers is the 2020 Chardonnay which the judges awarded 97/100.

The wine bar is brought to you by the Vagabond establishment, which has been in operation since 2010. There are over 100 wines not curated into wine lists. What you do is enter the premises and explore the wide varieties that are in stock at the given time. Remember, it is self-service where you get to curate your won wine selections with the help of the staff. A few meals are also available, including the regular bar snacks like chips and cheeseburgers.

The Soak

The Soak
Photo: @thesoaklondon
  • Address: Terminus Place, London, SW1W 0RP
  • Phone: 020 7868 6272
  • Atmosphere: Calm, upscale, and intimate
  • Known for: Great food selections with vegan options

The Soak consists of a bar and kitchen section that is well decorated with posh art décor, long overhanging light fixtures and plant decorations. It is a new bar (opened in early 2019) in Victoria, London, that blends French-inspired bar styles with the cool and chill ambience of London. The high ceiling gives room for the huge windows to penetrate lots of light and show a lot of action on the street.

You can visit the venue for just a coffee in the lounge or bar area, and children are also welcome during lunch and dinner. The night gets a bit vibrant, and you can book the chef’s table for a party of up to 10 guests in case of celebrations or family affairs.

The drinks menu is filled with classic cocktails alongside wines from all over the world, from the new world to old world varieties. Bar snacks are available in lent, from crispy chicken Goujons to fried cod fingers, sausage rolls, and gourmet triple-cooked chips.

Sports Bar & Grill Victoria

Sports Bar & Grill Victoria
Photo: @SportsBarandGrillVictoria
  • Address: Victoria Station, London SW1V 1JU
  • Phone: 020 7630 7482
  • Atmosphere: friendly ambience for watching popular sports fixtures
  • Known for: Live sports from Sky and BT Sport

Another great bar to catch up on some TV sports fixtures is Sports Bar & Grill in Victoria Station. Beers at the venue are one of the most reasonably priced in the area, and you will enjoy the crowd here if you are a regular sports bar fan.

The bar is spacious with enough wooden chair seating areas and a long bar with two huge TV screens. There is minimal artistic décor since the Sports Bar & Grill is decorated with sports equipment, team logos, and boots. An open kitchen provides the usual bar snacks, and the bar has drinks from lagers to cask ales, wines, and spirits.

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Final Thoughts

In case you are looking for bars near Victoria station then the Sports Bar & Grill and all the bars mentioned above will suit all your needs.

For a rooftop bar experience in Victoria, stick to Market Hall, where you can enjoy the stunning Victoria skyline in a cosy atmosphere.

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