Top 15 Cute and Pretty Cafes in London 2023

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When it comes to pretty cafes in London, you can’t get enough of them. From black & white facades and fairytale settings to creative storefronts and stylish interiors, there is a cute cafe in London for every style and budget.

By pretty and cute, we don’t always mean girly, pink, or Insta photo-worthy, of course – we also mean cute style, beautiful food presentation, creative designs, and the like.

Best Cute & Pretty Cafes in London

To help you narrow down your search, here is a list of 15 cute coffee shops in London.

Most Cute Cafes in London



Feya 1
Photo: @feyacafe
Feya 2
Photo: @feyacafe
  • Known for: delicious patisseries and interior design

When it comes to cute cafes in London, Feya is the queen. With three branches, Bond Street Station, Marble Arch, and Knightsbridge, Feya keeps customers happy with a diverse and unique menu of flavours, enchanting atmosphere and top-notch service.

Feya’s theme in all three cafes captures nature, adding an elegant and luxurious twist to it. Its pretty concept, pastel colours and food that’s too good to eat make Feya one of the most Instagrammable places in London.

The food on their menu is not to be missed, including their crispy chapati, popcorn chicken and pink moon waffles. Coffee and tea lovers can top their food with Karak chai or saffron latte.

You can find food in Feya even for the pickiest eaters. From breakfast and salads to sandwiches and smoothies, their menu is packed with delicious goodness.

The dining experience in Feya comes with a high price tag, but given the luxurious layout and fairytale setting, you could say prices are fair.


Photo: @biscuiteersltd
  • Known for: personalised hand-iced biscuits

If you are looking for a unique and edible gift, head down to Biscuiteers. Located in Notting Hill and Belgravia, Biscuiteers is one of those pretty cafes in London where you won’t find just food, but you’ll also find food art.

They launched in 2007, and they have been running strong ever since. They even ship worldwide.

At Biscuiteers, it’s all about gifting, and while many customers order online, the best way to experience this cute coffee shop in London is to go there in person. Featuring a quirky black-and-white facade, Biscuiteers’ shopfront is hard to miss.

From food events and icing masterclasses, Biscuiteers guarantees their customers will have a blast, all the while learning the technique of crafting photo-friendly biscuits. The cute cafe offers ranges for various occasions, seasonal collections and collections inspired by all things British.

Here is the catch: consider yourself lucky if you can afford their hand-iced luxury biscuits.

Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen
Photo: @peggyporschenofficial
  • Known for: party cakes and cupcakes

You don’t need to wear pink glasses to have a great time in Peggy Porschen. This cupcake heaven is pinpointed as one of the most pretty cafes in London, and rightly so. Covered in pink from head to toe, Peggy Porschen is a sight for sore eyes.

With two parlours, one in Chelsea and one in Belgravia, the chic bakery attracts passers-by and Insta influencers looking for the best photo op in the city. When Peggy Porschen first opened doors in 2003, it was a bespoke wedding and celebration cake business.

Today, Peggy Porschen offers a variety of unique flavours and shapes, from witty designs cupcakes and artisan teas and coffees to fancy cakes and hand-iced biscuits, but you can also stop by for breakfast, all-day brunch and lunch.


Photo: @aubaineuk
  • Known for: artisan-baked bread & world-class pastries

When it comes to French recipes, presentation and interior design, Aubaine is one of those pretty cafes in London you just can’t get enough of.

The French-style restaurant can be found in six locations in London, all centrally located. But the Covent Garden Aubaine Deli is where you want to go if you want to try some world-class pastries.

This cute, charming French corner in the heart of Covent Garden is the perfect pit stop while exploring Covent Garden Market. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner to enjoy indoors or dine al fresco. You can even grab your food to go, which is perfect if you are in a rush or want to make a picnic in the park.


Sketch 1
Photo: @sketchlondon
Photo: @sketchlondon
  • Known for: London high tea

If you want to experience British high tea, there is no better place than Sketch. Located on Mayfair’s busy Conduit Street, in a three-story 18th-century Georgian townhouse, Sketch will take your breath away at first sight.

The Michelin-starred restaurant and bar serve drinks and food to suit every taste. Sketch is comprised of a few rooms, each one a visual treat. If you want to experience high tea for the food and not for the pink tearoom aesthetic, it’s best to visit the Sketch Parlour.

From tuna sashimi, black olive gelee and mozzarella foam, the sophisticated menu may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But don’t worry, you’ll probably find some afternoon tea classics like scones and brioche buns.

With a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, beautiful decor, stylish pink velvet booths, alien’s eggs toilets and gracious staff, Sketch’s unique concept is a must-see when in London.

Fait Maison Salon de The

Fait Maison Salon de The
Photo: @fait_maison_london
  • Known for: homemade desserts & Om Waleed’s seasonal display

Fait Maison’s romantic storefronts made it on our list of cute coffee shops London has to offer visitors.

Executive chef and creative director Om Waleed is the visionary behind the beautiful decorations at all of their three branches in London, as well as the creative design and presentation of her spiced Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Flowers, bold colours, vintage decor, art deco furniture and more flowers adorn Fait Maison Salo de The, setting it apart from the rest of the pretty cafes in London. Stop by for a pancake platter, Croque Monsieur or homemade Turkish simit bread and classic shakshuka if you prefer a middle-eastern breakfast.

Prices are not bad for a cafe of this calibre. Expect to pay £14 for a full Turkish breakfast for one.

Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl Cafe
Photo: @solkarnteera
  • Known for: healthy, holistic food and drinks

There are many cute coffee shops in London, and Farm Girl Cafe has one of the best concepts.  The story of Farm Girl Cafe goes back to 2015 when Aussie girl Rose Mann moved to West London. Being raised on a farm, Rose was disappointed to find that London lacks restaurants and cafes with healthy food options and good coffee.

For that reason, she founded the first Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill, which was followed by four more in prime central locations in London. The health-focused cafe is an excellent choice for everyone looking for holistic, fresh food and creative drinks like their staple coffee, the Rose Latte.

The country farmhouse feel attracts curious passers-by and influencers hoping to take great photos at one of the most Instagrammable cafes in London. One can’t beat the price either, especially with warming ambient and central locations.

Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes
Photo: @saintaymes
  • Known for: events & luxury chocolate

You can’t get enough of pink? Then stop by Saint Aymes for your daily dose of pink, flowers and all things pretty. But make sure to book an appointment first, as they don’t accept walk-ins.

The cute cafe is Black-owned and founded by two sisters, Michela and Lois Wilson, who followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

Located a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, you can’t miss the enchanting hanging floral display in the heart of The Connaught Village. Saint Aymes was even featured on the BBC, ITV, Heat Magazine and Tastemade. Rumours of the prettiest cafe in London travelled as far as Japan.

The cute cafe has everything you need for a daily dose of pretty, from 7 flower walls, Instagrammable food, and chocolate laced in 24ct gold.

Milk Beach

Milk Beach
Photo: @onezoneapp
  • Known for: their speciality coffee and brunch offerings

Milk Beach is an Australian restaurant and cafe with two locations in London. They have recently opened their new restaurant in the heart of Soho.

Featuring a palladian stone floor, layered light shades, high ceilings, terrazzo floors, and sandy walls, this cute cafe instantly takes you away from the bustle of central London to the coastline of Sydney. Even better, they have an enclosed courtyard perfect for summer barbeque nights.

The highlights on their menu include grilled oyster mushrooms, belted Galloway ribeye, prawn toast with Korean sweet ‘n’ sour sauce and a deep-fried seabass.


Photo: @elan_cafe
  • Known for: pretty pink displays, unique pastries

One of the cutest cafes in London has seven locations across the fanciest parts of London: Knightsbridge, Park Lane, Selfridges, Oxford Circus, Belgravia, South Kensington, and St Pancras. EL&N is the pinkiest cafe you’ve ever seen that serves delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches, cake and coffee.

Their pretty pink floral displays, heart-covered walls and cute desserts are the perfect photo-ops. Many customers visit EL&N just to take photos. It is no wonder this pink paradise is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in London.

When it comes to food, EL&N serves anything from acai bowl and chia porridge with cashew milk to Syrian cauliflower hash and Paratha chapatis. While there, don’t forget to try their Instagrammable lattes, like the Red Velvet latte.


Photo: @minnowclapham
  • Known for: laid-back atmosphere and modern European food

When the sun is out, gather your friends or family and head down to Minnow in Clapham Common for superb al fresco dining. Located in the heart of Clapham Old Town, Minnow features a large heated outdoor space with a romantic interior ideal for summer night dining.

The food at Minnow is like nothing you’ve tried before, as a lot of the dishes come with fruit. They serve modern European food with bold combinations,  like an octopus with mango, pigeon with pickled cherries or pork loin with plums.

Daisy Green

Daisy Green
Photo: @daisygreencollection
  • Known for: secret brunches and healthy lunches

If you have the munchies and happen to be near Marylebone, stop by Daisy Green, a vibrant Aussie cafe with a hidden secret garden. Daisy Green Collection has many gorgeous cafes and restaurants across London, all with different designs, but the Marble Arch, the “OG” is the first in their collection.

​​​The small cafe is set in a stunning Grade II listed building featuring a floral wall storefront. It is ideal for a quiet lunch in the heart of Portman Village.

When it comes to food, their award-winning banana bread sandwich is a must-try or the sweetcorn fritters if you prefer savoury foods.

Skylark Cafe

Skylark Cafe
Photo: @theskylarkcafe
Skylark Cafe
Photo: @theskylarkcafe
  • Known for: Roo Roastery coffee & relaxed atmosphere

If you are looking for a cute and charming cafe with seasonal British fare away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, Skylark Cafe is your best option.

Located in the heart of Wandsworth Common, in a charming old Victorian farm house, Skylark Cafe is the perfect refuge for the weekend or a weekday brunch with friends or family.

Highlights of their menu include their famous sweetcorn fritters with crushed avocado and vegan dips, the Farro & Feta salad, pasta pots and Cumberland sausages and more.

Besides delicious food, you will enjoy 170 acres of green space, including duck ponds, tennis courts, a nature centre, playgrounds and more.


Photo: @grind
  • Known for: house-blend coffees & brunches

Grind is a Melbourne-inspired coffee shop with multiple locations in London, offering delicious coffee in trademark red cups. They are also easy to spot, thanks to their trademark neon lights.

Whether you are looking for a place to brunch, have a few drinks with friends, or get your daily dose of coffee, Grind is a perfect choice.

L’ETO London

L’ETO London
Photo: @letocaffe.official
  • Known for: desserts & enchanting displays

L’ETO has five locations across London, including Belgravia, Soho, King’s Road, Brompton Road and Notting Hill. They are all visual treats of their own, but the one in Belgravia features a beautiful floral display crown, which is sure to attract passers-by.

The warm and welcoming cafe offers a la carte menu and an irresistible collection of hand-made chocolate truffles.

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Final Word

London is packed with cute cafes. Whether you are looking for the best coffee in town, want to try new food or are looking for the best photo-op for your Instagram profile, you will find all that in London and more.

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