Best Burlesque & Cabaret Venues in London

10 Best Burlesque & Cabaret Venues in London 2023

London is an artist’s paradise filled with inclusive, rebellious, and out-of-the-box acts like burlesque. It is the home to the most extravagant forms of artistic expressions, led by cabaret acts, alongside burlesque in London staples like CellarDoor and Gin House Burlesque. Many people confuse burlesque with other live comedic, satire, and parody performances, including cabaret. … Read more

Things to Do in Shoreditch London

22 Best Things to Do in Shoreditch London 2023

Shoreditch is a district that has been relevant since the 16th century, being the centre of Elizabethan Theatres, and today its importance is no different. Here you can find fashionable bars, trendy clubs and an electric dining scene. Explore everything from vintage to modern, trusted chain stores to artisan shops. This blog post will cover … Read more

Things to do in South Kensington

18 Best Things to do in South Kensington 2023

South Kensington has always been one of the most well-off neighbourhoods, and it would seem this good fortune extends to culture as well. The Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum are three of the most celebrated institutions in the country. Whether you’re taking in the Royal connections of Kensington … Read more

Best Clubs in Mayfair

10 Best Clubs in Mayfair, London (2023 Update)

Mayfair is one of the best neighbourhoods in London for elite clubbing. From private members-only to exclusive after-party nightclubs, there are tons of venues in Mayfair designed for unforgettable nights. This affluent area of London is also home to many celebrity residents which like to party in the Mayfair nightclubs. From Prince Harry and Lady … Read more