10 Best Bars in Greenwich, London (2023 Update)

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Greenwich has a lot of charm retained over centuries with a beautiful river setting and top bars that are buzzing with vibrancy and exhilaration.

The bars on our list have a great variety of drinks to choose from, but there’s a lot more than that to keep you hooked.

From wonderful views to live band performances, cosy furniture to a perfect night out with friends, and a classic setup for dinner date drinks, you will find it all right here.

Without further ado, here are the best bars in Greenwich to grab a few drinks this weekend.

Best Bars in Greenwich, London

Davy’s Wine Vaults

Davy’s Wine Vaults
Photo: @davyswinevaults
  • Location: 161 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA

Founded with a lot of love in 1870, Francis Edwin Davy poured his heart and soul into Davy’s Wine Vaults, which is reflected in its competent menu and a huge selection of vino.

Named after the owner himself, the bar is running strong with varieties of wines from all over the world and a delectable dining experience.

We love the typical British bar ambience complete with speciality drinks and traditional British cuisine ideal for al fresco dining with your beau.

The top-notch wine selection sets their menu apart. The spot also hosts wine tasting events throughout the year.

While the dishes have a modern twist to them, the space is rustic and gives you a seamless 19th-century vibe, and opens up its doors for social events and celebrations. We love the soothing and laidback ambience that’s perfect to indulge in a few drinks while soaking yourself in all the old-school London charm we are oh so fond of!


  • Rustic 19th-century vibe.
  • Large selection of wines and wine tasting events.
  • Traditional British meals.

Eighteen Sky Bar

Eighteen Sky Bar
Photo: @eighteenskybar
  • Location: 18th Floor, 1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW

A great find at the good old O2 is Eighteen Sky Bar. Get the best views from Intercontinental Hotel at this skybar flaunting mind-blowing views of South London with regal hospitality.

The bar exudes a luxurious vibe with an extensive cocktail menu to pair with mesmerizing views. Immersive yourself in the hypnotizing beauty of the London skyline, and take a sip of your favourite cocktail matched with tranquil sunset painting the sky in majestic hues of red and orange.

It is an elite bar that only entertains reservations so make sure you have a spot secured for yourself for a perfect start to the weekend.

The drink menu itself takes 18 pages so you can imagine the kind of unparalleled service offered here. The huge variety of vodka, wine, Midori, and seasonal delights including fresh melon puree and Melon Martini is soothing to the senses and highly refreshing.


  • Wonderful views from the 18th floor.
  • 18 pages are dedicated to the drinks menu.
  • High-end luxurious vibes with reservation-only service.

Oliver’s Jazz Bar

Oliver’s Jazz Bar
Photo: @cvansmusic
  • Location: 9 Nevada St, London SE10 9JL

The romantic and upbeat Oliver’s Jazz Bar is one of the best bars in Greenwich combining drinks with excellent music. If you are a jazz lover, this is the perfect spot for you.

The dreamy atmosphere with dim lights and soft jazz playing in the background transports you to simpler times. The live performances go hand in hand with a huge variety of drinks. Dedicating every night to bringing you the best service, it is a lovely little spot for date nights or solo drinking.

Grab a ticket for their live show which includes food and drink and treat yourself to a night filled with elegant charm and loads of booze.


  • Elegant jazz music.
  • Live performances every night.
  • A wide array of drinks.

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TOCA Social Greenwich

TOCA Social Greenwich
Photo: @tocasocial
TOCA Social Greenwich 1
Photo: @tocasocial
  • Location: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Combine your love for sports with drinks and hang out in the casual and lively TOCA. The name of the bar itself mentions the word ‘social’ and it wholeheartedly delivers on it with a buzzing ambience perfect for socializing and bonding over a game of football.

Enjoy a night filled with delicious cocktails along with snacks and classic bite-sized American treats. The digital football game experience elevates the ambience and takes the bar to next level.

It is the ideal spot to hang out with friends and organize fun group activities or just relax with some immersive games.

Some of their speciality drinks that are worth mentioning include the best-selling Hard Melonade giving you the perfect tropical punch to liven up your senses.


  • Fun-filled vibes offer a unique social experience.
  • Immersive game and bite-sized snacks.
  • Great selection of drinks.

All Bar One Greenwich

All Bar One Greenwich
Photo: @allbarone
  • Location: Unit 2 Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

With a cool yet chic and classy vibe, All bar one welcomes all free-spirited souls to blow off some steam after work and celebrate life over their favourite drinks.

Drink to your hearts’ content and indulge in some great food. The all-in-one bar is a perfect fit for mornings and nights alike. Mornings are buzzing with the aroma of freshly ground coffee, and the nights double the fun with invigorating Espresso Martinis.

We highly suggest the Salted Caramel Old Fashioned playing with your senses and giving a modern twist to the classic old-fashioned.

They also have delicious sharing platters to enjoy with your drinks, and a fun-filled O2 Arena to kick start your Saturday nights in the best possible way.


  • Exciting party vibes.
  • Wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Appetizing breakfast and lunch menu.

Clipper Bar

Clipper Bar
Photo: @nanvieljerseyci
  • Location: 1 Waterview Dr, London SE10 0TW

Tucked within the posh and upscale Intercontinental Hotel, Clipper Bar flaunts a regal vibe with wonderful views.

The laidback and sleek bar has a refreshing nautical theme, with menu cards embossed with artistic accents and dreamy views of the water to match their service.

The bar has floor-to-ceiling windows so you can take in the surrounding landscape in all its glory. Not to mention the drinks menu is quite ambitious and sticks to the classics.

They have their own distilled Clipper Gin which goes well with seafood. Might we suggest getting a serving of fresh oysters for the table to set in the mood for a romantic night?


  • Posh and upscale bar in Intercontinental Hotel.
  • Wonderful views with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Great variety of drinks and distilled Clipper Gin.

Meantime Brewing Company

The Tasting Rooms & Brewery Shop
Photo: @meantimebrewing
  • Location: Unit 1, Lawrence Trading Estate, London SE10 0AR

Meantime Brewing Company brings you the exciting Tasting Rooms and Brewery Shop.

While it may not be the most appealing spot, given that a bar inside a brewery doesn’t equate to a laidback vibe, trust us, it has a lot in store for its visitors – literally!

The large ‘brewery fresh’ tanks and craft beers on tap gives you the perfect dose of booze to forget your worries and wholeheartedly welcome the weekend.

The visit is enhanced with a tour of the operation which makes it all the more interesting. All the draught beers of the company can be found here, and racks upon racks of bottles filled with concoctions like Raspberry Wheat Beer and Chocolate Porter.

There’s also contemporary British food that pairs amazingly well with their craft beers – like the good old fish and chips.


  • A unique brewery experience with a tour.
  • Lively bar with a huge variety.
  • Classic British menu.

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O2 Blueroom

O2 Blueroom
Photo: @jagbradshaw
  • Location: The O2, London SE10 0AX

With a relaxing and cushy setting O2 Blueroom offers a modern lounge experience with a psychedelic setup.

As its name suggests, you are welcomed with hues of blue that are soothing to the senses and allow you to relax amid like-minded people and delicious cocktails.

The aesthetically pleasing bar is set in the O2 arena and serves a large variety of beers, wines, and speciality cocktails.

The relaxing atmosphere is perfect for jumpstarting your night with a few drinks before heading to the lively concerts organized in the arena. Visitors vouch for their delectable drinks, especially the virgin mojitos.


  • Upscale bar in O2 Arena.
  • Cosy ambience to relax before a concert.
  • Good variety of drinks.

Nine Lounge Greenwich

Nine Lounge Greenwich
Photo: @nine
  • Location: 228 Tunnel Ave, London SE10 0PL

Keeping things sleek and refined, Nine enjoys a fine spot on the ninth floor of the Radisson Red.

The upscale bar and restaurant have a fancy ambience ideal for date nights. Start your meals with mouth-watering Japanese platters masterfully crafted by Paul Greening, and pair them with mocktails offering the most elegant concoctions you can think of.

This is a great place for everyone as it serves a variety of non-alcoholic drinks along with a Halal selection on its menu.

For a mesmeric Arabian vibe, they also have Shisha. Pair all the goodness it offers with breathtaking panoramic views and you’ve got yourself a perfect Saturday night.


  • Amazing views from the 9th floor of Radisson Red.
  • A large variety of drinks and elegant dining.
  • Non-alcoholic and halal options are available along with Shisha.

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Belushis Greenwich

Belushis Greenwich
Photo: @belushis
  • Location: 189 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA

Lose yourself in the refreshing maritime vibes, lively sports telecasts, and amazing drink menu at Belushis.

The laidback and informal bar is a perfect spot to enjoy a few drinks with friends and indulge in your favourite sports match on the TV. There’s also live entertainment with music that sets the perfect party vibe to blow off some steam.

Apart from their ambitious selection of cocktails and speciality drinks, they serve classic juicy burgers and pizzas as the ultimate comfort food to wash down with your favourite drink. There are weekly events and parties organized including the fun-filled beer pong.


  • Fun-filled ambience with games and events.
  • Live TV sports.
  • Huge selection of drinks and burgers.

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With a huge range of bars right in the heart of Greenwich, there’s a huge array of possibilities for what your Saturday night looks like. Blow off some steam with cosy lounges and cushy seats or join in on the fun with exhilarating live band performances and immersive games. South London is your oyster!

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