12 Best Restaurants in Greenwich, London 2023

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The scenic neighbourhood of Greenwich is a sight for the sore eyes and combined with its amazing food scene, it becomes a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

The city takes London’s fine dining up a notch with fusion menus, eclectic cuisine, and an exciting cultural mix, offering a lot of great spots for foodies.

We have a list of the best restaurants around Greenwich that you must visit during your next trip.

Best Restaurants in Greenwich, London

The Hill Mediterranean Restaurant

The Hill
Photo: @thehillrestaurant
  • Location: 89 Royal Hill, London SE10 8SE

The multicultural fusion cuisines of The Hill are sure to brighten up your day. You’ll find a mix of Italian and Spanish dishes with a Latin American twist.

Some dishes native to Peruvian and Ecuadorian and Argentinean origins are also a part of their menu. Try a sample of everything to take your taste buds on a distinct culinary adventure unlike any other.

Located just across the picturesque Point Hill, it is one of the best restaurants in Greenwich. Indulge in heavenly rich Fruit di mare linguine or perhaps a tasteful side of Peruvian ceviche with authentic Valencian paella or a juicy Argentinean rib eye steak loaded with chips.

From succulent king prawns to chewy grilled octopus, Spanish tapas, and churros to a sizeable variety of pizzas and calzones, everything is prepared to perfection! Enjoy your food with a backdrop of modern artwork that beautifies this one-of-a-kind restaurant.


  • An eclectic mix of cultural delights.
  • Upbeat and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Offers a bit of everything to foodies.


Photo: @fowlerlisa
  • Location: 96 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9UW

The unpretentious and humble Zaibatsu is finally getting the fame and love it deserves. The quaint little Japanese fusion restaurant serves fresh sashimi at affordable rates.

We love the warm and homely ambience it offers as soon as you step into this hidden gem tucked within Trafalgar Road. The remarkable pan Asian dishes can be ordered around the table without putting a dent in the wallet.

Enjoy their crisp salads made fresh with homemade dressing, precision cut sashimi, slurpy noodles, and sizzling tempura. Of course, the sushi platters can’t be passed on, and the Omakase sashimi selection is also very impressive.

Get a taste of their finest dishes with a 7-piece tasting platter prepared with sea-to-plate day’s catch. There’s also a variety of classic Chinese dishes and the world-famous green tea ice cream.


  • Unassuming pan Asian fusion restaurant.
  • Traditional cuisine at affordable prices.
  • Relaxed and welcoming vibe.


Photo: @taksim_greenwich
  • Location: 7 Blackheath Hill, London SE10 8PB

Loosen your belts and head to Taksim for a stately feast with family and friends. The highly underrated but truly classy Turkish restaurant is the crown jewel of Blackheath in Greenwich.

The restaurant shines bright and is easy to find, inviting you for a merry feast that will feel more like a celebratory event than a normal dinner.

The aroma itself is enough to compel you to order off the entire menu – that too while staying on a budget. Enjoy the succulent chicken shish kebabs and dig your teeth into some juicy lamb chops.

The charred taste makes you crave for more, but make sure to save some room for crunchy falafels, rich halloumi, and doner kebabs.

For a lighter meal, you can also opt for grilled varieties of meat and sea bass, but we highly encourage you to go all out on their huge sharing platters.


  • Warm and welcoming Turkish restaurant.
  • Great spot for families.
  • Succulent kebabs and Turkish cuisine with massive sharing platters on a budget.

Goddards at Greenwich

Goddards at Greenwich
Photo: @lovegreatbritain
  • Location: 22 King William Walk, London SE10 9HU

Goddards at Greenwich is an iconic spot where you get to taste the good old British fare in all its glory. Running strong since 1890, it truly makes you feel welcomed with classic London hospitality and generously loaded plates of traditional English dishes.

Beautified with classic English touches and a colour palette that promises a wholesome Greenwich experience, the restaurant is known for its delicious mash and pies. It immerses you in the impactful culinary history of the city with every mouthful.

Order yourself a mighty plate of authentic mash and pie with a side of liquor and stewed or jellied eels and you will feel like a true English man.

However, the core culinary essence of the city is not everyone’s cup of tea, so they do have other variations on their menu as well. The standard chicken, steak, lamb, and vegetarian varieties are also available with some indulgent dessert choices.


  • One of the oldest family spots in Greenwich.
  • Traditional dishes pay homage to London’s food scene.
  • Wholesome and budget-friendly experience.


Photo: @sushi_sundays
  • Location: 1 Nelson Rd, London SE10 9JB

Sticks’n’Sushi gives you a fine dining experience on a budget. The classy restaurant has a great location within walking distance from National Maritime Museum and Greenwich Park.

The serene white interiors calm the senses and the delicious range of Japanese cuisines can be enjoyed with friends over traditional sharing tables to enhance your sushi experience.

We recommend this place for lunch or stopping by after a hectic day to soothe your nerves and take comfort in appetizing sushi platters. For sharing, the sushi sister platter is ideal and comes loaded with great choices.

Sashimi and nigiri choices are also quite appetizing, but visitors particularly enjoy the fiery beef yakitori seasoned with freshly minced garlic and crispy chilli. Pair your favourite platter with authentic Japanese sake or beer.


  • Classic and contemporary interiors.
  • Traditional Japanese fare.
  • Scrumptious sharing platters and drinks.

Heap’s Sausage Cafe

Heap’s Sausage Cafe
Photo: @heapssausages
  • Location: 8 Nevada St, London SE10 9JL

Keeping things modest and minimal, the food at Heap’s Sausage Cafe speaks for itself. It is a small deli with a big heart and you’ll never find it empty so the best option is takeaways or grab-and-go.

As its name suggests, the diner specializes in gourmet sausages which are a staple of English cuisine. Prepared in a huge variety with mouth-watering sides of buttery mash, coleslaw, potato cakes, brioche baps, slices of bread, and Garamond masala, people love the assortment of sausages here.

Get a lip-smacking hot dog to go or stop by for a proper burger filled with lamb or beef patties and loaded with cheese. If you are not particularly hungry, you can still stop by for sausage on a stick.

We highly suggest the divine ‘Lethal Lucifer’ featuring a huge hot dog drenched in sauces and coleslaw. You can also get delectable sweet treats and homemade cakes on your way out.


  • Unpretentious diner with a classic British ambience.
  • Scrumptious gourmet sausages and burgers.
  • Ideal for takeaways.

The Guildford Arms

The Guildford Arms
Photo: @guildfordarms_
  • Location: 55 Guildford Grove, London SE10 8JY

Standing erect as a three-story Georgian tavern, Guildford Arms holds immense charm amid Greenwich’s busy centre. The cool and unassuming spot is a great dine-in place with the freshest ingredients sourced from local farmers.

The restaurant is committed to high welfare and sustainability, being extra conscious about their suppliers and only serving the highest quality of food to their valued customers. When paired with views of the sprawling garden, it makes for quite a mighty feast.

The airy ground floor has a spacious seating area with views of the kitchen and a large charcoal grill.

The menu has a huge variety of meats and vegetables. Share a ‘feasting menus’ platter with friends and pair it with craft beers sourced from small-scale family-run wineries for a wholesome English meal.


  • Beautiful set up with views of the garden.
  • Locally sourced ingredients with a menu based on naturalism.
  • Great variety of cuisines and craft beer.

Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage
Photo: @champfromage
  • Location: 34 Greenwich Church St, London SE10 9BL

Champagne combined with Fromage, that’s it, we rest our case.

What’s more to say? Champagne + Fromage knows just the perfect way to tug at our heartstrings by combining beloved food elements that everyone enjoys.

Technically it’s not a restaurant as you don’t have entrees and full courses, but people come here for hearty charcuterie and cheese boards that are just as filling and perfect for sharing.

Giving you a divine French experience right in Greenwich, the lovely spot has enough loaded on its platters to fully satiate your cravings.

We suggest you come in large groups and enjoy sharing boards with friends and family. These shared boards offer you a selection of hard and soft cheeses in at least 5 varieties along with olive tapenade, charcuterie meats, and mini gherkin cucumbers. Other French delights include saucisses, confits and cassoulets.


  • A great spot for large groups.
  • Shared boards and charcuterie.
  • Delectable French cuisine.

The Golden Chippy

The Golden Chippy
Photo: @the_goldenchippy
  • Location: 62 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8LF

The hip and casual Golden Chippy was voted as London’s best restaurant in 2016 on Trip advisor, rising above a huge variety of fine dining spots and proving its worth to the masses.

One of the key factors for the success of this restaurant is the lip-smacking fish and chips that are unparalleled in taste and quality. It’s safe to say that it is the best place to get fish and chips not only in Greenwich but all of London.

Golden Chippy is essentially a Turkish Cypriot restaurant serving a wide array of dishes drenched in Mediterranean goodness and drizzle of their mighty tarragon with olive oil and lemon.

You can pick how you want your protein to be prepared, with grilled varieties offering a healthier choice. Besides their appetizing fish and chips, they also make juicy roast chickens and spicy bean burgers as some of their most ordered dishes.


  • Best fish and chips in London.
  • Unassuming and laidback vibe.
  • A large variety of fried and grilled items.

Royal Teas

Royal Teas
Photo: @benson_kreatives
  • Location: 76 Royal Hill, London SE10 8RT

We won’t let your trip to London go to waste without experiencing the classic English afternoon tea at Royal Teas. It is a vegetarian cafe that gives you a delightful and regal service with an excellent selection of tea.

Tea lovers unite over a slice of cake and a steaming pot of cream tea. They also serve a good variety of breakfast items, the most famous one being a traditional American breakfast.

For a full-blown tea party experience, we encourage you to book one of their two quaint rooms where the staff makes sure you feel invited for a royal tea.

Invite your gals and take your kids along for an afternoon filled with freshly brewed tea, delectable homemade cakes, indulgent jacket potatoes, and a great selection of salads and wraps.


  • Delightful English tea party experience.
  • Vegetarian menu.
  • Famous for their cream teas.

Pig & Whistle Restaurant

Pig & Whistle Restaurant
Photo: @pigwhistlechelmsford
  • Location: Chignal Road, Chelmsford CM1 4SZ

Treat yourself to an evening of fine dining in a warm and welcoming, cosy setup at Pig & Whistle.

Flaunting an upscale dining area in Chelmsford courtyard side, you will get to experience the finest English hospitality with a huge array of home-cooked meals to warm your belly and heart.

We love the variety they offer to visitors, from casual lunches to candlelit dinners and sun terrace dining on breezy days. Celebrate special occasions or share a private dinner with your beau with classic British dishes.

They also feature ‘Tapas on the courtyard’ and ‘Taste of Wonderland’ with a stately 9-course meal paired with drinks.


  • Intimate and romantic ambience.
  • Beautiful courtyard setting.
  • Classic British delights and a special lunch menu.

Midpoint Restaurant

Midpoint Restaurant
Photo: @the_sarahfoodie
  • Location: 3, Anchor Iron Wharf, Ballast Quay, London SE10 9GL

With Trip Advisors’ Certificate of Excellence, Midpoint Restaurant is sure to give you a classic Arabian night’s experience with its delightful Turkish cuisines.

You will love the rustic, tranquil setup beatified with hanging plants and a breathtaking view of the River Thames.

Charcoal grilled meats and fish are served with sides of vegetables and freshly baked slices of bread putting a modern twist on traditional Turkish fare.

From delectable Adana Kebabs to mouth-watering lamb and chicken shish bursting with flavours, you can taste all of it in Midpoint Platter while sharing the goodness with family and friends.

The platter also has lamb chops, chicken wings, and lamb ribs. Pair your meal with your favourite cocktail, beer, or the traditional Turkish raki.


  • Beautiful set up with a view of Thames River.
  • Traditional Turkish dishes with a modern twist.
  • A large variety of drinks and authentic raki.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to try out different cultural delights during your stay in Greenwich.

The city does its best to incorporate world-class cuisines from a huge variety of cultural origins so that you are promised a once-in-a-lifetime food experience. Make the most of the amazing choices and assortments offered here and share the joy with family and friends.

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