14 Best Places for Roller Skating in London

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Did you know you can skate in every park in London, provided you keep to the designated paths? Well, London is booming with a huge roller-skating culture that has led to the increase of skating rinks, roller skating discos, and lots of groups that arrange skating meet-ups and events.

There are lots of amenities to cater to the novice and professionals alike. Family roller-skating events do not get better than a day at Skating Haven, where you and your children can learn the safest ways to skate across the city.

roller skating london
Photo: @flippers.world

What if you want to be a professional roller skater? Well, look no further than the Isle of Skating, with its many classes that can take you from a beginner to an expert after several courses.

But, if you want the fun side of roller skating with themed events and adult-only sessions, then Sk8city in Harrow’s City Hall is the place to be.

Read on to learn of the best places to go for roller-skating meet-ups and events in London. Get to know where you can get your gear, lessons, courses, and free-roam parks for your fun-filled day in London.

Top Roller-Skating Classes, Rinks, Centers, and Discos in London

Take a look at these shops and venues for all your skating needs. Whether you are looking for a class, training centre, or roller skate shopping centre, this list got you covered:

1. Isle of Skating

Isle of Skating
Photo: @isleofskating
  • Address: Several Locations in London
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Features: roller skating classes from experts, events and game nights

The Isle of Skating is the leading school for roller-skating in London, with multiple features in the Guardian and National Geographic. It is a collective of professional skaters who have teamed up to offer world-class-rated roller-skating classes.

Classes are offered to guests of all ages and levels with easily broken-down concepts that can help you participate in London’s popular skating events in a few weeks.

The courses are taught by professionals with up to 10 years of experience. Most of the teachers are also alumni of Isle of Skating, having gone through the same mode of teaching at the very venues.

As you register for the course, you may want to note that classes take place in various indoor venues across London. Once you reach a specific course like Fundamentals of outdoor Skating, then you may have gained enough skills to take it to the outdoors. You also need to bring your own skates and gear.

Above all else, Isle of Skating is famous for its highly praised events and game nights that bring together some of the best skaters in London under one roof.

2. Roller Nation

Roller Nation
Photo: @rollernation.uk
  • Address: 117 Bruce Grove, London, N17 6UR
  • Phone: 020 7720 9140
  • Features: roller disco, roller rink, diner, bar, outdoor patio garden section

Ever heard of London’s Roller Disco? Well, Roller Nation is the home of the laid-back, funky event designated for 25+ year-old guests to have an amazing night among friends.

Roller Nation is currently ranked as the biggest permanent skate rink in London, with a great outdoor section and a lively contemporary bar.

Roller Disco Nights brought the phenomenal concept to life in 2003 at the heart of London. Today, Roller Nation serves as London’s largest community that brings together skaters and creates a fun atmosphere for celebrations and parties.

3. Skating Haven

Skating Haven
Photo: @skating_haven_roller_disco
  • Address: 281 Prince regent Lane, Plaistow, Newham, London E13 8SD
  • Phone: Sammy Jacobs – o7956 131 672
  • Features: roller disco, DJs, urban skate events, roller sports, roller school, and skate rentals.

Skating Haven is located in the Newham Leisure Centre and serves as a roller disco, sports centre, roller-skating training venue and roller school for all ages. Coaching lessons are what make the Skating Haven stand out.

The centre is popular for its monthly training events, from the free roller-skating sessions to the family skate sessions. Unlike the Isle of Skating, which requires you to have your own skates and gear, Skating Haven has a program that allows trainers to rent skates during the training sessions.

4. Sk8citylondon Roller Disco

Sk8citylondon Roller Disco
Photo: @applebywalker
  • Address: Christchurch Avenue, London, HA3 5BD
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Features: roller disco, live music, DJs, events

Sk8citylondon in Byron Hall is a multipurpose space with a roller rink disco area. It is a simple and serene atmosphere that thrives on celebrating the love of roller-skating to the sound of some great music. Dj is always at the booth playing funky tunes and soulful 80s music to keep the skates rolling.

Join their special events like Halloween flicks and Christmas specials to skate to some old-school grooves. Charges vary from event to event, but you can expect an entry for about £15 for adult events and £10 for family events.

Snacks and beverages are served on the side during the weekly events. For the best time, get in at around 10:30 pm during the events; that is when the disco is well-packed and energetic.

5. Zebra Skate London

Zebra Skate London
Photo: @Zebraskate
  • Address: 264 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 1LJ
  • Phone: +44 (0)7888 044 544
  • Features: skateboarding and rollerblading lessons, free equipment rentals, private classes

Zebra Skate London is not for everybody. Do not worry; it is just for the children. It is a holiday camp for children specializing in skateboarding and rollerblading. Like Skating Haven, your child does not need to come with their skates or equipment since a free rental pair is included in the camp charges.

The Zebra Skate camp has been in business for more than 20 years in London. Its world-class services can be seen in its impressive safety and protection regulations to keep your kids’ health at peak while still helping them have fun and make more friends.

The OFSTED registered camp usually offers summer training camps at Kensington Garden but also features regular lessons. Courses range from £65 per hour for three kids, and you may choose to opt for private classes that cost £265 per five hours for three kids.

6. Play Tone

Play Tone
Photo: @playtone_uk
  • Address: #4 The Hooper market, Gillet Square, Dalston, London, N16 8AZ
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Features: fitness activities, roller disco, team-building workshops

Play Tone is an innovative alternative fitness centre focused on roller skating, jump rope, and hula hopping. It is a playground tailored to bring out your inner child to come and play in a fun-filled ambience and among friends.

Disco tunes and carnival music adorn the walls of the quaint space. They also feature a store that offers a great selection of skating and training equipment from the best brands in London.

Book the space for your interactive and team-building corporate parties. Themes range from how-to workshops to roller disco affairs.

7. London Skate Centre

London Skate Centre
Photo: @londonskates
  • Address: 27 Leinster Terr. London W2 3ET
  • Phone: 020 7706 8769
  • Features: skate shop

London Skate Centre is the place to go for all your skating equipment in London. Located less than five minutes walk from Queensway and Lancaster Gate Tubes, the Skate Centre has a knowledgeable staff that can help you pick out your pair of skates depending on your needs and expertise.

The small outdoor space and indoor section are great for testing out your new pair of skating shoes, and you can pair it up with various equipment, from helmets to pads.

8. Roll Happy

Roll Happy
Photo: @rollhappy.london
  • Locations: Haggerston, Holloway, Brixton, Islington, Stockwell, and Hackney
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Features: artistic and dance skate lessons

If you are in for artistic and dance roller skate lessons, then Roll Happy is where you should sign up. The classes are all indoor related and are suited for adults only, no lessons for the kids, sorry. Classes range from one-hour sessions for £15/£10 to six-week courses that sell at a flat cost of about £100.

All coaches are BRSF accredited and have a lot of emphasis on having fun and cultivating a safe space frill of inclusion and support.

9. Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace

Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace
Photo: @flippers.world
  • Address: Ariel Way, London W12 7SL
  • Phone: N/A
  • Features: roller disco, events, diner, bar

Welcome to the newest addition to the London roller skating scene. Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace has its roots in Las Angeles 1970s and 1980s. It is a staple and famous venue in the US that now has a huge 34,000 square feet space in White City.

DJs and live music performances are set to grace the stage in November 2022 with great accompaniments from the snack bar serving hot dogs, wagyu burgers and classic fast foods like French fries.

Top 5 Parks for Roller Skating

London’s Parks are where you want to go to free roller-skate at your own leisure. So, can you roller-skate on pavements in London? Well, yes, provided you adhere to some park rules and road regulations.

As per the Royal Parks regulations, you can skate in most parks. Still, you must adhere to some rules like park regulations, not playing loud music while skating, keeping to low skating speeds, wearing safety equipment, and sticking to specific pavements & roads.

10. Battersea Park

Battersea Park
Photo: @easysaturdayskate
  • Address: London SW11 4NJ, UK
  • Features: Battersea Park zoo, a kid’s playground, huge roads, lots of greenery, bike & boat hire

Many of London’s roller-skating groups, including Easy Saturday Skate, opt for Battersea Park for their sessions. So, if you are asking, where is it good to roller skate in London? Then, Battersea Park is a great top choice.

It is a great site for beginners who want to sharpen their skills. The park’s big, even the round road provides ample space for first-timers to make mistakes and huge groups to skate through.

Another great reason to roller skate in Battersea Park is the many water fixtures that create a serene natural environment. Please keep in mind that you are required to stick to the pavement.

11. Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park
Photo: @theroyalparks
  • Address: London SE10 8EJ
  • Features: great views of the London skyline during summer, lots of crowds

Go ahead and skate into the Great Cross Avenue and Bower Avenue on Greenwich Park. The scenic panoramic views of the park make it a hotbed for family hangouts during the weekend.

This is something major to consider since a lot of kids will be running around, and it may affect your skating sessions.

12. Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park
Photo: @london_wombling
  • Address: London NW1 4NR
  • Features: even roads, long pavements, fewer crowds, zoo

Compared to Greenwich Park, Regent is more relaxed and has more space for roller skaters to ride. The zoo provides a great place to take a rest while training. Stick to the Inner and outer Circles when roller-skating at Regent’s Park.

13. Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens
Photo: @anetachwedorowicz
  • Address: London W2 2UH
  • Features: strategically convenient location and a scenic route

The Albert Approach road and The Broad Walk are the best places to skate in the Royal Park at Kensington Gardens.

The scenic route is great for first-timers in London and those who have never been. Keep your sessions to the recommended pavements and roads to avoid any rough lanes that can be dangerous for beginners.

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14. Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Photo: @rolandramanan_skaters
  • Address: London W2 2UH
  • Features: lots of greenery, even big roads, lots of skaters, close proximity to tube stations

Were you wondering if you could roller-skate in Hyde Park? Hyde Park is known for its huge crowds of roller skaters, especially during the weekends. Groups like the London Roller Girls frequent the flat straight sections on Serpentine Road.

It is a great central location if you want a convenient venue that won’t limit your movement around the city. You can relax around the huge blue lake to get some fresh air or bask in the cafes with a cup of joe as you get enough energy to skate back into the busy streets.

TIP: Stick to Serpentine Road and Permitted Cycle Lanes to avoid uneven roads and dangerous routes that can get you injured or endanger other visitors.

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Final Thoughts

Roller skating is a popular recreational sport in London, as seen in many parks. If you want to join in on the fun, the quickest way is to be part of the many meet-ups and roller skating groups around London.

Below are London’s best public groups, clubs, meet-ups, & events for roller skating:

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