Maltby Street Market Guide: Food Stalls & Things to Do

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When Maltby Street Market opened in southeast London in 2010 it quickly became a popular weekend destination for locals. Smaller and more focused than some of the bigger and more touristy markets in London, this Bermondsey spot chooses quality over quantity. This is an upcoming London area, so check out it before the secret gets out!

Maltby Street Market

Nestled and hidden away in a tangle of streets between London Bridge and Bermondsey stations, even the best foodies in the world don’t know about this spot. Lurking under Victorian archways is a world of food markets from around the world, a variety of restaurants and a festival atmosphere.

Read on to learn more about Maltby Street Market and why it is a must-see spot if you want good food and a good atmosphere.

Best Stalls in Maltby Street Market

While it has a much smaller selection than the historical Borough Market, just a 15-minute walk down the road, Maltby Street Market has a real welcoming community feel. It’s a local foodie favourite that has yet to be taken over by tourists.

There is a broad array of different food stalls with cuisine from around the world, with creations being cooked in front of you. Here are just some of the food stalls we think are worth checking out when you visit Maltby Street Market.

Bangers Catering

Bangers Catering
Photo: @thatsbanging

Bangers Catering is a brand-new venture and exclusive to Maltby St Market. Enjoy this stall’s modern take on London-staple sausage and mash, as well as the classic sausage sandwich. They only work with the best produce to create comfort food with an unexpected flavour twist.

This is a fantastic spot to grab brunch or enjoy a late breakfast. They usually offer three sausages for customers to choose from: the Londoner, traditional pork and herb, and a vegetarian option. They also have monthly specials which are usually seasonal flavours.

The sausage and mash come with cabbage on the side, crumbled blue cheese, cranberry ketchup, and crispy paprika shallots. There is also plenty of gravy, a speciality of the area. Cheesy, mustardy mash can be added to your sausage sandwich which comes with bread or in a roll.

La Pepia

La Pepia
Photo: @pepialdn

La Pepia is probably the most popular spot in Maltby Street Market. Despite the fairly humble red tent, there are usually queues about the block for this Venezuelan street good spot.

La Pepia is known for serving London’s only rainbow Arepas. An arepa is a naturally gluten-free corn bun which is popular across South America. Their bright Instagram-worthy dishes are blended with spinach and beet to give them their unique colours and taste. Choose from cheese, meat, and vegetable fillings alongside their famous green herb salsa. They are also known for their Cheese Blanket, which was made accidentally at the market. This signature snack involved melting a gooey layer of cheddar melted directly over an area of your choice.

Owner Joel Ferrera created this iconic dish to spread positivity about Venezuela, after fleeing the country’s economic crisis in 2016. They started as a popular Brick Lane before moving to Maltby Street Market in 2019.

Bumpin Rinds

Bumpin Rinds
Photo: @bumpinrinds

Exclusive to Maltby Street since 2013, Bumpin Rinds is home to the best juice you’ll find on a weekend in London. Made using the freshest, locally supplied, fruit, vegetables and aromantics to create the perfect hangover cure. Owner, Cecily is proud to head one of the original female-led businesses of Maltby Street and is a champion for young women in the industry.

You won’t find your average flavours here, and they are always new concoctions to try, all crafted using nutritionally beneficial and delicious ingredients. Recently she has launched her own range of gourmet porridge which includes decadent homemade toppings like berry compote, gingered fresh orange and salted rosemary pecan brittle.


Photo: @thebeefsteaks

Founder Alex Pashby has taken the humble steak sandwich and turned it into a gourmet treat. Choose between steak and chips with your choice sauce or opt for a steak sandwich. Beefsteaks describe itself as an 18th Century exclusive London steak club reimagined as inclusive 21st Century Street food.

The modern steak sandwiches at The Beefsteaks are made using only the best cuts of meat and delectable herbs and sauces. All the sauces you can choose from is made fresh on the day. The potatoes for the hand-cut, triple-cooked chips have never touched a freezer!

Gyoza Guys

Gyoza Guys
Photo: @gyozaguys

You won’t be surprised to learn that Gyoza Guys is the place to go for a gyoza when visiting London. Gyoza Guys have been trading at Maltby Street since 2016 and have since been named in the Top 25 Best Streetfood in London voted for by Timeout UK

Gyoza Guys is the brainchild of childhood friends Amir and Kien, who were on the hunt for the best dumplings. The gyozas here, a Japanese dumpling, are steamed and then grilled for a unique soft yet crispy texture. They are made fresh and are filled with bold flavours.

Flavours include the vegan Japanese Yakuza Mushroom Gyoza, a Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Gyoza and the Thai Pork Pad Krakow Gyoza. If you fall in love with these flavours and want more, you can purchase frozen packs to enjoy at home.

Snapery Bakery

Snapery Bakery
Photo: @thesnapery

Snapery Bakery was founded in 2014 by Richard Snapes, a self-taught baker, with an obsession for sourdough and bakery for loved ones. He successfully crowdfunded the finance to set up the Maltby Street Market spot, which allows him to create bread and pastries for wholesale and directly to customers at his market stall.

This artisan wholesale sourdough bakery is home to delicious rolls, delectable pastries, festive treats, and yummy cakes. All their goods are made with delicious wholemeal and high-quality goodness for the best in taste and nutrition.

Duck Frites

Duck Frites
Photo: @duck_frites

The concept of this restaurant comes from the owner’s love of cooking, serving and eating duck. Duck Frites are passionate about bringing high quality, honest and tasty food to Maltby Street Market. All their dishes are made using exclusively accredited, sustainable, and fully traceable produce.

Favourites at duck frites include their triple-cooked duck fat chip loaded with confit fuck, chips and cheese and duck which has a raclette cheese layer and a homemade hoisin sauce on top. Other favourites include the duck arancini and the confit duck leg served with pea puree, triple-cooked chips and red wine jus.

Amen Ethiopian Cuisine

Amen Ethiopian Cuisine
Photo: @amen_catering

Amen Ethiopian Cuisines brings you dishes filled with the authentic flavours of Berbere spices. Hearty food meets spicy flavourings with sautéed meat, vegetables, and lentils all cooked in giant woks before your eyes. Mop up the sauce with a light Kocho bread for an explosion of flavour.

This is a fantastic street food stall to visit if you are looking for vegan food with a punch of flavour. Enjoy authentic flavours that will feel like a taste of home if you’re from Ethiopia. There is no other place in London where you can get top-quality African dishes at this price point.

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History Of Maltby Street Market

The area around Maltby Street has historically been home to a mix of housing, light industrial units, warehouses and small manufactories. It was once the traditional location of leather tanneries and rope walks (which is where the Ropewalk gets its name from).

When you visit Maltby Street Market, you will see relics of London’s industrial past. Look up at the architecture to see the influence of Victorian Britain. The railway arches which you can see running the entire length of the market were built between 1836 and 1839 for the steam railway. In the 50s, this spot became popular with antique and furniture dwellings.

Maltby Street Market occupies a narrow private yard owned by LASSCO and runs the length of this yard every weekend. This market was developed by a group of Borough Market traders, starting with just seven, you can find up to thirty stalls there on any given weekend.

Things To Do At Maltby Street Market

Taylor’s of Maltby Street

Taylor’s of Maltby Street
Photo: @taylorsofmaltbyst

Taylor’s of Maltby St we are proud to be purveyors of the finest seasonal fruit and vegetables available in London. They established links to organic farmers around the UK and can source almost anything, thanks to their relationship with leading London wholesalers.

This traditional, independently owned greengrocer opens six days a week, Tuesday to Sunday and is happy to support local businesses. They have recently moved into sustainable, refillable bathroom items, jams, honey and even ice cream. Investigate their huge range of stock, support a local business and get a taste of a local greengrocer.

Castro’s Barbershop

Castro’s Barbershop
Photo: @castrosbarbershoplondon

Owner and master barber Leo Castro has over thirty years of experience cutting and styling hair. This experienced male groomer is committed to creativity coupled with vintage sensibilities. Located under a retro Victorian railway, be pampered with a range of grooming services from a basic wash, cut and style to a shave with hot towels.

Castro’s Barbershop also sells a range of men’s grooming products and are the exclusive London retailer of a collection of Berlin based Dudes Factory merchandise and apparel. Transform your appearance alongside eating delicious street food at Maltby Street Market.

St John’s Bakery

St John’s Bakery

St John’s Bakery can be found in the railway arches on Bermondsey Arch Street. The custard doughnuts from the nearby bakery are worth a visit alone! They take baking seriously, slowly fermenting their sourdough, bread, and doughnuts. Their baked goods are so good, they supply to nearby restaurants.

Open on the weekends in Maltby Street Market, their doughnuts are famed across the entire city for their quality. Sweet highlights include a spiced and iced Cinnamon Scroll and a crème brulee doughnut with an expertly caramelised sugar coating.

Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee
Photo: @craft_coffee

Grab a weekend pick me up at Craft Coffee when you visit Maltby Street Market. This small coffee cart is a takeout-only spot and is dedicated to single-origin espressos and filter-roasted coffee. Power up before you shop in London. They also offer decaf, iced coffee, cold brew, and non-dairy options.


Photo: @lasscoflooring

LASSCO – otherwise known as The London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co, is an interior designer’s dream. This spot is filled with antiques and curiosities of all shapes and sizes, and it’s all for a discounted price.

Found in London’s East End, LASSCO have been experts in reclamation and salvage since 1979. Their aim is to bridge the gap between the demolition trade and architectural design, connecting customers with unique and interesting pieces. Whether you are looking for art, furniture, flooring, chimneys, or garden, you will find it here.

Maltby Street Christmas Market

You’ll feel like you’re in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol when visiting Maltby Street Christmas Market. Some of the finest market traders set up stalls under Bermondsey’s fairy-light-decorated Victorian railway arches. Expect carolling, hot mulled wine, live wreath demonstrations and responsibly source Christmas trees.

In previous years, the Maltby Street After Dark Christmas market ran every Friday night from November 22nd until December 20th. During the pandemic, it didn’t run but we expect it to be up and running in the future.

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When is Maltby Street Market open?

For now, the Maltby Street Market is only open on weekends. On Saturdays, it’s open from 10am to 5pm, and on Sundays it is open from 11am to 4pm. The restaurants and grocers are open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm. The barbers are open every day.

How do I get to Maltby Street Market?

Maltby Street market is located about a ten minute walk down the road from Tower Bridge – not far from London Bridge station – and is located in a quiet little enclave just off Tower Bridge Road.

The nearest stations are London Bridge and Bermondsey. Take the Jubilee or Northern line to reach this fantastic street market. Lots of buses pass this area as well, making it an easy spot to access by public transport.

Final Thoughts

Head to Maltby Street Market when it is still a little foodie secret before everyone starts to learn about it. Whether you want to grab a sweet treat or indulge in an exotic lunch, Maltby Street Market is a must-see when visiting London.

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