14 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in London 2023

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Korean BBQ in London is at its peak during the summer. Lust for these delicious meats takes Londoners all over the region and nearby Korean food sites like New Malden (Little Korea), where the dishes are in plenty.

With that in mind, multiple restaurants have been gaining immense popularity among Korean food lovers, from Gogi Korean Bar & Grill to Koba in Fitzrovia. These restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, from hidden gems to world-class, elegant venues specializing in Korean BBQ, including fried chicken.

Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in London
Photo: @ollebbq

Korean BBQ (Gogi-Gui) revolves around table cooking and group dining. It is a self-cooking experience where you get to roast your own choice of meat from selections of pork, beef, mushrooms, seafood, and lots of popular barbecue recipes.

So, what makes for the best Korean BBQ place in London? Do you look for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants or go for the buffet style? Whether you are curious about the best Korean BBQ near you in London or need a good recommendation, this article is for you.

Top 14 Korean BBQ Restaurants in London

1. GOGI Restaurant

GOGI Restaurant
Photo: @gogi_restaurant
  • Address: 452 Edgware Road, London, W2 1TH
  • Phone: 020 7724 3018
  • Atmosphere: small and cosy with fast service
  • Known for: authentic Korean food that is a bang for the buck and Asian cocktails

GOGI not only offers a sizzling plate of Korean barbecue but also serves some unique Asian cocktails you can find in London. The small but intimate setting is filled with warm lighting every night and offers sizeable portions of its vast menu items.

The romantic setting of GOGI gives it a breathtaking view of the Little Venice Canal in Maida Vale. Brick walls expose the rustic nature of the interior, while the dimly lit setting is great for late-night dining and intimate affairs.

The honey and garlic fried chicken from GOGI is highly recommended. Try the Dduk Bok Gi as the appetizer and pair it up with a premium BBQ platter alongside the popular crunchy spicy Korean fried chicken BBQ.

2. Olle Korean Barbecue

Olle Korean Barbecue
Photo: @ollebbq
  • Address: 88 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6NH
  • Phone: 020 7287 1979
  • Atmosphere: loud and bustling ambience
  • Known for: traditional plus modern Korean foods

Olle currently allows walk-ins on Saturdays only. The ambitiously designed restaurant has a delectable BBQ set with Korean BBQ items from pork belly to beef ribeye, marinated pork belly, beef tongue, and wagyu ribeye.

Olle Korean Barbecue gets its inspiration from Jeju Island in South Korea. The islands are known for their Jeju Olle trail, a staple in Olle’s seafood dishes. Freshly made Korean dishes are made every day in this fast-casual restaurant targeted at budget-minded guests and non-fine dining visitors.

The table barbecue serves two portions minimum and has more beef options than the other meats. BBQ sides include mixed mushrooms, lettuce, and spring onions. If you are interested in seafood BBQ, the tiger prawn and scallops will be more to your liking.


Photo: @kobalondon
  • Address: 11 Rathbone Street, Soho, London, W1T 1NA
  • Phone: 020 7580 8825
  • Atmosphere: busy with extremely swift service
  • Known for: swift service and classy presentation

For first-time visitors to KOBA, try the japchae, pajeon, kimchi soup, and bulgogi. Assortments that blend well with most starters include prime rib, pork belly, fried chicken, octopus, prawns, and short ribs.

The presentation and décor of the BBQ are great and classy, albeit in a much simpler fashion compared to fine dining restaurants. Most foods are Korean, and you won’t find the usual Asian (China, Thailand, Japan) dishes that crowd many Korean-inspired restaurants.

Apart from the food presentation, the venue is also superb, with luxurious décor reminiscent of a casual dining restaurant. It is a great venue for a first date, proposals, and any form of romantic dinner in a business casual setting.

4. Yori, Covent Garden

Yori Covent Garden
Photo: @chonkywagyu
  • Address: 15 Catherine Street, WC2B 5JZ
  • Phone: 020 7836 3145
  • Atmosphere: fine casual dining with a busy line due to its popularity
  • Known for: traditional Korean meals

YORI has many locations across London. The most famous destinations are Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Wimbledon. YORI Covent Garden is one of the latest outposts with a big fan base because of its high-grade K-foods and convenient location in West End’s theatreland.

It is a small but cosy restaurant open all week from 12 am to 10 pm. The menu differs from some other locations but all share the same Korean flavours and cooking styles.

YORI Covent Garden has a Korean BBQ set for less than three people. The YORI platter set is special, with pork belly, sirloin, beef brisket, king prawns, and beef rib. Try the Covent platter with a choice of beef bulgogi, sirloin BBQ, rib finger, beef rib, pork belly, wagyu, and pork bulgogi BBQ.

5. Jumak39, Picadilly Circus

Jumak39 Picadilly Circus
Photo: @jumak39
  • Address: 39 Panton Street, London SW1Y 4EA
  • Phone: 020 7839 2774
  • Atmosphere: spacious with ground and basement level, busy
  • Known for: buffet and all-you-can-eat Korean foods

Do not be alarmed when you see KFC in the Jumak39 menu. It is the Korean Fried Chicken menu where you have the tantalizing Tongdak made of Korean deep-fried crispy chicken with sweet mooli. There is also the Banban Tongdak with half and half KFC.

What separates Jumak39 from many Korean restaurants is not its menu but the extensive buffet found in the basement section. The ground floor is where you can feast on the a la carte menu, but you have to head downstairs for more buffet-style dining.

6. SuperStar BBQ, Covent Garden

SuperStar BBQ Covent Garden
Photo: @superstarbbquk
  • Address: 4 Central Street Giles Piazza, London, WC2H 8AB
  • Phone: 020 7836 6577
  • Atmosphere: wooden accents with shiny light fixtures and ample dining space
  • Known for: Karaoke in the basement

A unique part of SuperStar BBQ is the karaoke room located in the basement section. The wooden-clad room hosts about 14 guests, fit for many celebrations, including birthdays. Please remember that food is not served in the karaoke room; only drinks and small bites can be purchased in this section.

Karaoke is open daily, but you can only access it if you book. Charges vary depending on the day. Thursdays to Sundays, it’s open from 6 pm to 11 pm for a flat rate of £100 per hour. The rest of the week is £70 per hour regardless of the time of day.

Speciality BBQ dishes in SuperStar BBQ are bool go gi, the ox tongue, galbi, sesame sirloin, chicken bool go gi, pork belly, tiger prawns, squid, spicy pork, and lamb fillet with assortments of mixed mushrooms and vegetables.

A great appreciation you may find for SuperStar BBQ is the fact that they use only English names on their menu. Many Korean restaurants stick to traditional and authentic names, which can confuse some guests. SuperStar BBQ prioritizes simplicity and eases to help first-time diners get around to having their favourite meals.

7. Yanji Korean BBQ

Yanji Korean BBQ
Photo: @yanjibbq
  • Address: 153 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG
  • Phone: 020 3971 1244
  • Atmosphere: warm and intimate
  • Known for: superb chicken hearts and mushrooms

Yanji Korean BBQ is a simple yet elegant restaurant popular among the locals. Reservations and bookings are usually open up to three months in advance, making it a great place for romantic dates and single diners.

The diverse menu is filled with BBQ-only items and accompaniments, from BBQ specials like BBQ charcoal grilled skewers to the main dishes like the beef fried Udon and Tofu fried Udon. Bibimbap (traditional Korean mixed rice) comes in wide varieties with choices of chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables.

Korea BBQ is prepared inside the kitchen in three fashions: bulgogi with marinated meat choices of beef, short ribs, and thinly sliced pork. With these many options, we recommend you try the BBQ skewers as your first dish; you won’t be disappointed.

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8. Jinjuu Soho

Jinjuu Soho
Photo: @jinjuusoho
  • Address: 15 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PS
  • Phone: 020 8181 8887
  • Atmosphere: vibrant and energetic
  • Known for: Korean pop meals infused with traditional dishes, weekend brunch

Jinjuu is not your typical traditional Korean bar & restaurant with predominantly classic and authentic dishes. They go above and beyond to include many modern and youthful dishes in their brand by fusing traditional dishes with Korean pop meals.

Jinjuu Soho is also one of the few Korean restaurants with a weekend brunch. The four-course meal costs £36 – £50 per person and includes bottomless beer, wine, and prosecco.

There is also a Happy Hour (Seoul Hour) Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm, when you can marinate yourself in 2-4-1 cocktails. Happy Hour choices include Kim’s margarita, the Seoul Sista with prosecco, and Korean Konnection with a mixture of Soju and St. Germain liqueur.

A great recommendation is Jinjuu’s Signature Korean fried chicken made of crispy golden fried bottomless chicken thighs.

9. Korean BBQ and Vegan

Korean BBQ and Vegan
Photo: @tofugly
  • Address: 107 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8JD
  • Phone: 020 7256 5179
  • Atmosphere: usually packed with a loyal clientele, cute patio space, and floor-ceiling windows
  • Known for: Korean vegan dishes

This generically named restaurant is far from basic. If you want an authentic taste of Korean and Vegan dishes, then Korean BBQ and Vegan is your first pick. The speciality is Korean Vegan delicacies like vegan kimchi, Edamame, Vegan quinoa dumpling, and sweet potato tempura.

Do not let the vegan name fool you; there are plenty of meat options from the KFC, to Kalbi, and bulgogi, but dak with grilled marinated spicy chicken and salmon teriyaki made of grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.

10. Kimchee, Camden

Kimchee Camden
Photo: @kimcheegram
  • Address: 2 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AG
  • Phone: 020 3907 8474
  • Atmosphere: social setting with dim lighting and modern grills
  • Known for: classic Korean dishes with a modern twist

Kimchee has several locations across London. A most popular destination is Kimchee Pancras Square, just a short stretch from St. Pancras Stations and the King’s Cross.

The open-air setting and terrace environment are befitting of Kimchee’s elegant style. The traditional charcoal grills make for a great social grilling experience among friends and family. Tapas style is the most recommended way of dining due to the social dining table set up in the entire restaurant.

In case you want a more private dining experience, then head over to the semi-private dining booths downstairs. The downstairs is the best place for a classic Korean BBQ experience in Kimchee, with dim lighting and smokeless grills on the tables.

Please remember that the table BBQ is not open till 5 pm daily. Meat options are the ox tongue, rich & juicy British beef ribeye, wagyu short ribs with bone, wagyu Harami, duck breast, Japanese wagyu loin, and a mixture of several items.

11. Jihwaja

Photo: @jihwajalondon
  • Address: 353A Kennington Lane, London SE11 5QY
  • Phone: 020 7882 4680
  • Atmosphere: ample seating, lively and upbeat ambience
  • Known for: private karaoke, authentic Korean dishes

The authentic Korean BBQ restaurants bring Vauxhall a special presentation of BBQ dishes from the spicy pork belly to the buldak chicken, beef bulgogi, and beef galbi. It is a budget and flavour-conscious menu filled with meats marinated in various fashions with garlic, sesame oil, and honey.

Private karaoke is a big seller for Jihwaja. All rooms are private and rent from Monday to Saturday at various hourly rates. Charges start at £25 per hour for four guests but can go up to £140 per hour for 30 people between 5 pm till closing. Please remember that karaoke room charges do change over the December period.

12. Daebak

Photo: @daebak_london
  • Address: 316-318 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY
  • Phone: 020 7642 1522
  • Atmosphere: quiet, simple, and small, with attentive staff
  • Known for: several flavorful signature KFC dishes

Another Vauxhall Korean restaurant is Daebak, known for its Korean Fried Chicken recipes at some of the best prices in London.

It is a quiet and relaxed restaurant with little bells and whistles. Specials are written on the chalkboard above the counter, and walls are only decorated with stickers and a few notes.

The menu is less versatile than many Korean restaurants. Staples are the rice dishes and noodles with options like beef fried Udon and spicy seafood Udon soup. If you are looking for specials, then the usual cuisines are bulgogi, tofu kimchi, and Yang Nyeum chicken.

13. Dotori, Finsbury Park

Dotori Finsbury Park
Photo: @dotori_london
  • Address: 3 Stroud Green, London N4 2DQ
  • Phone: 020 7263 3562
  • Atmosphere: casual, friendly with limited seating
  • Known for: Japanese dishes and tradition + modern twist Korean BBQ

Dotori is only open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is a Korean and Japanese restaurant that has been in operation for more than ten years in Finsbury Park. The cosy venue only offers walk-ins and provides a regular 10% discount to students in the area.

Dotori is mostly known for its delicious Japanese foods. Still, they feature an enticing Korean BBQ with dak bulgogi, spicy marinated pork belly, BBQ king prawns, and non-marinated strips of three-layer pork belly.

14. Lime Orange

Lime Orange
Photo: @limeorangerestaurant
  • Address: 312 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1AA
  • Phone: 020 8616 0498
  • Atmosphere: packed and loud
  • Known for: trendy interiors with fashionable Korean BBQ dishes

Last but not least, Lime Orange Korean Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant known for ranking on TripAdvisor’s 2020 and 2021 Traveler’s Choice Awards. If you intend to have your first Korean meal, then Lime Orange is a great restaurant.

Referred to by most diners as a five-star restaurant, Lime Orange has set a name for itself as a trendy venue where you can indulge in the most classical Korean dishes. With that said, you can expect a crowded ambience filled with loud chatter and lots of socializing.

Try the spicy chicken bulgogi with cubes of spicy bulgogi sauce, marinated chicken and pan-fried onions. The pork belly is another great choice, as well as the pan-fried salmon teriyaki, beef bulgogi, and soy pork belly bulgogi.

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Final Thoughts

New Malden is close to London, where most Korean BBQ fans won’t mind visiting despite the several miles’ drives. With a vast connection of Koreans in England, Little Korea boasts the most authentic Korean BBQ affairs you can ever hope for.

Some of New Malden’s most recommended Korean BBQ places include Jin Go Gae along Burlington Road, K-Town along Coombe Road, and Han Bar & Restaurant in Apex Tower, known for its traditional Korean décor.

Map of Best Korean Bbq London

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