12 Best Restaurants in Balham, London 2023

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Famous for being a small neighbourhood and great for families to live, Balham is full of resources when it comes to eating and having a great night out.

Yes, it’s a few miles away from the City, Covent Garden, and all the popular tourist attractions, but there’s no shortage of restaurants in Balham, and it’s definitely worth a drive to South London.

Best Restaurants in Balham, London

From Indian cuisine to traditional English fare and European places, there’s something for everyone here. And with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for any occasion.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the best restaurants in Balham for dinner with friends, family, or colleagues.

12 Best Restaurants in Balham

Balham is a suburb in South London and, despite its small size, it is known for its great and diverse restaurants. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, here are 8 of the best options.

Indian Room

Indian Room
Photo: @indianroombalham
  • Type: Indian
  • Address: 59 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9EZ
  • Known For: Chicken Tikki Makhani and Chicken or Lamb Biryani

Let’s start our list of best restaurants in Balham with Indian Room, one of the best places where you’ll have a chance to eat around.

Open in 2007, it offers an incredible menu full of delicacies and attentive, efficient service, making it the perfect place to enjoy a special meal with family or friends.

But first, let’s talk about the interior design. Inside the unassuming restaurant, you’ll step into a peaceful, modern, and appetising world that will set you in the right mood for the meal. With dark walls, wooden chairs, and a modern white ceiling, Indian Room will surely leave all your group’s parties stunned.

When it comes to food, the menu has a wide variety of classic Indian dishes, as well as some more modern fusion dishes.

The food is all cooked to perfection, and we recommend tasting the Lamb Biryani, the Prawn Purée made with fenugreeks and other herbs, and the Fish Thali made of 3 dishes with a Chapati and rice.

Megan’s on the Hill

Megan's on the Hill
Photo: @megansrestaurants
  • Type: Mediterranean
  • Address: 41-43 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9EY
  • Known For: Posh Lamb Doner with Overnight Braised Lamb Shoulder and Feta

Megan’s on the Hill is a chic Mediterranean restaurant in Balham that provides you with great Turkish specialities, healthy bowls that you’ve always dreamed of, and incredible brunches.

The restaurant is not only known for its creative and original dishes, inspired by the Mediterranean region’s cuisine, but also for the magical and modern interior that will transport you to another world.

The menu features a variety of starters, main courses, and desserts, all made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. For the perfect meal, go for the Mezze Bowl with Falafel, Harissa Hummus, and Tabbouleh, and the Posh Lamb Doner with Overnight Braised Lamb Shoulder, Feta, and Pistachio.

Of course, you’ll have to come over to taste the full menu, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

Megan’s on the Hill also offers an extensive wine list, featuring wines from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a romantic dinner, Megan’s on the Hill is the perfect place to enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine.


Photo: @hacheburgers
  • Type: Hamburgers
  • Address: 37 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9EY
  • Known For: Steak Truffle with Truffle Aioli and Beyond Le Fumé with a Vegan Patty

Another incredible restaurant in Balham is Haché, serving hamburgers as the main dishes. In case you’re thinking “another hamburger place” – stop there and read further.

Haché offers some of the best burgers you’ve ever had, and the menu offers a variety of burgers made with fresh, local ingredients. The burgers are cooked to order and can be customised with a variety of toppings.

You could give try their Chicken Malibu, made with melted mature Cheddar, smoked bacon, and chicken breast, or the Steak Le Fumé, served with smoked bacon, Gruyère cheese, and Blood Marie ketchup.

Of course, they also have healthier options like the Chicken Avocado Salad with omega seeds and cherry tomatoes or the Green Bowl with avocado and halloumi.

On top of that, it’s a posh, chic place to take your other half for dinner or with family members. The restaurant has a chic, modern interior with white walls, marble tables, beautiful plants all over, and cosy, comfortable chairs. What to say, you simply can’t go wrong with Haché.

Franco Manca Balham

Franco Manca Balham
Photo: @francomancapizza
  • Type: Italian
  • Address: 53 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9EZ
  • Known For: Some of the best pizzas in London

Taking you right to Italy and its delicious pizzas, Franco Manca is a go-to Italian chain in the UK, and the branch in Balham is no exception.

Freshly made sourdough pizza topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and other toppings for the base. Then, choose your favourite one – Maybe the Lightly Smoked Beechwood Spicy Salami and Caramelised Red Onions?

Or the Yellowfin tuna with Wilted spinach and Kalamata black olives? No matter what you order, you’ll love your meal!

And for something lighter, you can go for a salad – try the Roasted Butternut Squash, Grilled Artichokes, and Baby Goat’s Cheese.

Alternatively, the bites to share are fantastic options. Feeling in the mood for Spicy Lamb Sausage with Roasted Potatoes and Mozzarella?

Obviously, food isn’t everything, and Franco Manca has a chic, rustic vibe that makes it the perfect place for a night out with friends or a romantic date. And best of all, the food is affordably priced, so you can indulge in multiple courses without breaking the bank.

What else to say, feeling up for some truly mouth-watering Italian cuisine? Be sure to pay a visit to Franco Manca in Balham.

Gurkha’s Balham

Gurkha's Balham
Credit: @GurkhasBalham
  • Type: Nepalese
  • Address: 1, The Boulevard, Balham High Rd, London SW17 7BW
  • Known For: Sherpa Lamb and Prawn Soonkoshi

Next is Gurkha’s Balham, a fine Nepalese restaurant that is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal in a chic and original setting. Located in the heart of the Balham district, it offers a wide range of Nepalese dishes to choose from.

The perfect meal would start with a Payzi Pakora, made with sliced onions mixed with vegetables, spices, and homemade mango sauce.

Then, follow with Shangri-La Chicken, made of chicken breast, saffron, and Nepalese ground spices, grilled in a clay oven.

Or, for a more authentic experience, make sure to order the Mayur Lamb, a hot and sour lamb dish made with tamarind and lemon sauce.

Gurkha’s also has an extensive drinks menu featuring Nepalese and international wines. The staff are friendly and helpful, and they are always on hand to recommend the perfect dish or wine to match your taste.

To sum up, at Gurkha Balham, you’re guaranteed to have a lovely meal that you’ll only have great memories about.


Photo: @phorestaurant
  • Type: Vietnamese
  • Address: 67-69 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HA
  • Known For: Beff Brisket Pho and Crab Noodle Soup

For South East Asian delicacies, head over to Pho Balham, which is sure to remind you of all your adventures in Vietnam.

The restaurant has a clean, modern, and industrial interior, with dark walls and floor and beautiful wooden tables waiting for you to enjoy some of the best Vietnamese food in London.

Among the best plates, you can find the classic Pho with beef briskets, steak, chicken breast, prawns, and more, depending on your preferences. In addition, you can try comfort food like Chicken Fried Rice, Spicy Tofu Curry, or the Summer Rolls, which will all make your mouth water all night.

Overall, the food is fresh and flavourful, and the service is friendly and efficient. And Pho Balham is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Vietnamese lunch or classy dinner.


Photo: @caminatabalham
  • Type: Italian
  • Address: 96 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HR
  • Known For: Pappardelle Wild Boar and Bufalina Pizza

Caminata is a chic Italian restaurant in the heart of Balham, London, and is here to make you desire your Italian holidays even more. The restaurant has a clean and modern design, with exposed brick walls, premium wooden tables, and a lovely terrace for sunny days.

The food is cooked to perfection, and the service is exemplary. Talking about food, you should try the Vegan Arancino Truffle and the Melanzane Parmigiana, for starters.

After that, the Porchetta Pizza and the Pescatora Linguine are the best options, and they’re sure to remind you of Rome in a single bite.

In addition to the excellent food, Caminata also has an impressive wine list, with wines from all over Italy, without forgetting the Birra Morretti. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a night out with friends, Caminata is a perfect choice.

Tagine Restaurant

Tagine Restaurant
Photo: @tagine_restaurant
  • Type: Moroccan
  • Address: 3 Fernlea Rd, London SW12 9RT
  • Known For: Lamb Barkouk Tagine and Couscous Zizou

Last but not least is Tagine, the go-to eatery in Balham for North African delicatessen. Reproducing perfectly the authentic dishes you’ll find in Agadir or Marrakesh, Tagine will greet you with the perfect decor that will look like you left the UK for warm Morocco.

Tagine has got you covered with it comes to food – enjoy one of their countless starters to share, such as the Assortment of Briouats, filo pastries with chicken and beef, the different Tagines, and, of course, the mixed grilled meat.

And when coming with friends, you can end the night smoking a Shisha. With all the flavours available, we’re confident you will have a fantastic time out!

Milk London Shop

Milk London Shop
Photo: @milkcoffeeldn
  • Address: 18-20 Bedford Hill, Balham, London SW12 9RG
  • Known for: Breakfast sweets and morning meals

This five-star café serves speciality coffee with a sizeable number of assortments made from Workshop Coffee Co. The seasonal menu is filled with constantly changing items that bring you the best of pastries and other sweet tooth delicacies in Balham.

Freshly baked goods on-site include banana bread, house-baked cornbread, sweet Maria with sweetcorn fritters, and convict with Gloucester pork patty muffin. Enter the small venue with huge glass doors and walls to feast on lazy breakfast items and savoury delicacies.

Bucci Italian

Bucci Italian
Photo: @bucci.restaurant
  • Address: 195 Balham High Road, London SW12 9BE
  • Known for: Authentic Italian dishes

Bucci is a family-owned Italian restaurant that was established in the late 1980s in Balham. The friendly atmosphere is complimented by the elegance of the décor and candle-lit tables. Live music plays in Bucci from time to time to create a fun and welcoming environment. Have fun people-watching through the floor-to-ceiling wall.

Bucci has become a staple of the town with a clear focus on authentic Italian cuisines from antipasti starts, pasta options like spaghetti Bolognese, and classic pizza. Try the 100% beef Spaghetti Bolognese and the 1986 Mozzarella Pizza.

Thali & Pickles

Thali & Pickles
Photo: @thaliandpickles
  • Address: 5-6 Balham Station Road, London SW12 9SG
  • Known for: traditional Indian Thali

The self-proclaimed best Indian restaurant in South West London was opened in 2014 to offer Balham traditional Indian Thali foods. The family-owned restaurant is famous for its spicy dishes, from the chicken tikka to the Kadai chicken and chicken Shashlik. Flavours are in plenty, providing the dishes’ traditional and rustic roots.

Balham Social

Balham Social
Photo: @balham.social
  • Address: 2 Station Parade, Balham High Road, London SW12 9AZ
  • Known for: bottomless brunch and innovative Indian dishes

Balham Social is a luxurious escape into an upscale Indian setting with elegant décor, plush furniture, warm lighting, floral art décor, and colourful interiors.

The superb food presentation makes for a great place to host your birthday, wedding, and other celebrations. Weekend brunch brings you 1.5 hours of bottomless bubbles for just £20.

Food is in plenty, from vegan to vegetarian and non-vegetarian options—mains on the menu range from curry leaf potatoes to the Laal Maas and the paneer butter masala. Try the chocolate fondant or the Gulab Jamun for dessert.

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Balham is a thriving neighbourhood in London with plenty of great restaurants to choose from, and these were the absolute best you couldn’t skip.

Searching for the best dishes in London without having to go all the way to the city centre? Then give Balham and its food scenes a shot; you’ll leave craving for more.

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